Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I'm almost to midnight and didn't say a word here today. 

Short and sweet.

 Turban ministry at church this morning where we enjoyed a new big room to sew.   Good friends, good conversation - and a little sewing.  I took a picture or 2, but it's still in the camera - in another room.

Left there and went to Beth's Heirlooms to buy 2 buttons - and ummm-- other things.  The prettiest corduroy was on sale, so I got a few pieces.  The girl who works there, whom I've never net, was so nice and helpful.  So many beautiful things there.

I'm not even sure about the afternoon.  It was wasted in some fashion.  Emily called after her doctor's appointment and reported that everything is just perfect.  She's not able to sleep now and is finding it rough going to stay alert and physically able to lift and handle patients as well.  We're encouraging her to take some time off before the baby comes and not try to work until the end.

Tomorrow we go to Andalusia so Mama can go to the memorial service of someone she knows..  It think we're supposed to have some rain - maybe a nice storm after we get home.

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