Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Darby's Day of Beauty

We're not really sure what kind of dog Darby is.  We think a little border collie from her coloring and actions but maybe a little cocker spaniel.  From the looks of her coat sometimes, she seems to have gotten a chow mix in there.

I like her wavy, curly look, but her coat just won't stop growing at a pretty stage, and she gets shaggy and matted.

Usually in the warmer weather we have her shaved, and that suits us all fine, but I just couldn't do that in the winter.  Supposedly, a heavier coat doesn't keep a dog warmer, but she would certainly shiver and act pitiful with no hair and make me feel guilty.  So off we went to the groomer.  She needed her yearly shots too.

Going bye-bye is always an occasion for running through the house wildly, grinning, panting, and running in place while the leash is being put on.  A car ride is just too exciting for words.

Wait!  We're going WHERE?

What a trusting look.  She obviously doesn't remember what happened last time she was at the same place.

 So, buh-bye.  I'm gong to have fun with this new person in the place with the doggy smells.

And then the after.  That's a definite "let's get out of this place" look.

 Frankly, I think it looks like she came home with more hair than she went in with.  I guess that's the fluffing up and brushing.  Anyway, her toenails are cut, she's clean and sweet-smelling, and she has her shots for another year.

I turned down the doggy spa and massage, although for just $10 extra, that might have been something she would enjoy.

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