Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another Wonderful New Year - 2013

Happy new year thoughts.

I wish I had a compilation of all the January 1st journal entries I've made.

Maybe I should make resolutions for once since NOT making them has not improved things.

Spammers have found this blog.  I hope no one will click on their links until I get them deleted.  I don't check too often for comments, but maybe I should start.  What a bother.

Would it be possible for me to maybe post at least one sentence a day this year?  I did it one month last year.  It was hard.  I like to do pictures, but at one point I had pictures on 2 cameras, 2 phones and 3 computers - and never on the one I was typing on.  I need to work on centralizing my pictures.  And then making things happen worth taking pictures of.

I signed up for this daily email:  Spring Cleaning 365.   Nice challenge right off the bat:  Find your worst problem area and start on it.  Looks like there's going to be a lot of standing in my sewing room and trying once again to make sense of it.  I've organized it and am not going to spend any more money on storage or "stuff."  I think I need to make it easier to put things back when I'm finished with them.

I did do something productive last week.  One Amy Butler Snuggly Blanket and 3 bibs.

I really like the way bias binding looks, but it's a pain to work with.  I keep doing it because I want to get better at it.  It's okay when it's zig-zagged and the margin for error is not so great, but trying to sew along the edge of that strip and then have it sew along the edge of the back of the strip is tough.  My new machine doesn't have the neat edge stitch foot that my Viking has.  I'm sure another foot will work, but I just haven't taken the time to figure it out.  And that still won't stop the problem on the back.  These are good for what they're going to be used for though.

In 5 weeks more or less, we should have that baby here.  It still doesn't seem real.  It very much does to Emily who talks about the "shelf of baby."  Those first few weeks of counting the days until we felt safe even taking about it seem so long ago, and yet time has just flown.  Names are being discussed and rejected.  We're going to have to wait until Emily and Ryan meet her, I believe, before there is a definite name.  I NEED to monogram something though.  Maybe I'll just concentrate on embroidering an Easter bunny or two since Easter is in March this year.  A bunny snowsuit might be appropriate for March in Washington.

Mike has been working on the annual red beans and rice already.  I wonder how many towns we've celebrated the new year with that dish.  I know the first time we had it at a friend's house.  He got it started and left me to babysit it all afternoon while he and Mike went off somewhere.  It was worth it though, and we've served it to many groups of people and in many houses through the years.  Pictures later.

Emily was desperately searching for ham hocks, turnip greens, and black-eyed peas yesterday during her lunch hour.  And she surprisingly found them.  I'm hoping for pictures from her too.  I don't think too many of her friends are impressed by that combination of dishes.  It's so funny to me that she and Ryan are always calling grocery stores and shops asking if they have a certain item.  That's good time management, but I never think of it.  It was ginger snaps and fresh green beans Thanksgiving.  Another time it was cranberries.  It sure did save a lot of gas and aggravation.

Okay, I'll try to write something every day, but my problem is just babbling and using up big chunks of time.  It's already 9 a.m., and all I've done is feed the pets, bring in the newspaper, and have my breakfast.  Now it's time for coffee and reading emails and FB.  It's a pretty warm day with maybe rain this afternoon, and I'd like to get outside some.  I won't say the word "walk" because I probably won't do it, but I'll maybe wander around the yard and throw Darby a couple of toys.  Better than standing in my sewing room, I guess.

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