Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweet Sunday Morning Pictures

Sunday morning nursery happenings.  Sarah and Bronner were the only ones there, but I think they had a good time.  We all had a good time.  There was a new bracelet kit to play with and a Grinch puzzle, a movie playing on the TV, and a short nap for Bronner.

We missed Tyler who was visiting relatives in Kentucky with his Dad and Grandfather.  I bet that was a fun trip.

Sarah was alternately being a baby and a baby kitten, so the bottle was there in most of the pictures.

(I tried correcting his red eyes, but it's much cuter this way).

Whitney's hair is just too much a temptation for Bronner.

Sweet girls (or girl and kitten).

It wouldn't be a photo session with Bronner without at least one picture of "the look."   This is what you get when you're about a second too late to capture the smile.

This happened yesterday.  Cranberries and toasted almonds....

Must mean cranberry cookies.

 Yummy.  I had to hide most of them in the pantry so Elise will have plenty when she gets here tonight.

Here's the Christmas card from Sherry's family - Najla, Ryan, and Emma.  She was born on Thanksgiving Day, so I guess she is 1 month old now.  So sweet.

Elise's plane will get in around 4:00 this afternoon.  We'll have barbecue tomorrow for lunch and maybe eat out somewhere tomorrow night - or maybe not.  Tuesday is Les Miserables and home for more barbecue.  And then Wednesday Elise goes back to Texas.  Unusual Christmas this year, but we'll mange to make it fun.

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