Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Packing the Box and Mitering Corners

I had a picture yesterday of the box going to Washington, but it wasn't actually the final one.  The final one is a little smaller,so I have to make decisions.  First I wanted to get pictures recorded of the things I've made for the baby.

The popular consensus around here is that I should just wait until the baby gets here to sew anything, but my opinion is that I'm so slow if I did that, there would be nothing for the appropriate times.

I actually started 10 years ago doing heirloom sewing and keeping a few things for futurebaby. The last time Emily was here and thinking the baby was a boy, she looked in the closet and said, "You were really hoping for a girl, weren't you?" It not that I was hoping for one or the other, but there is almost nothing you can make for a boy.

 I also know that these dresses will get almost no wear in the Washington climate and culture, but that's okay.  I loved making them, and I know they'll get put on for a picture or two.  I'm going to smock some things for holidays along and try smocking on corduroy and flannel.

These are blankets that are going in the box.  Notice the concentration on blue and yellow! 

The bottom blanket I crocheted years and years ago when I was making a blanket for a friend's baby.  Hannah is now a teenager, so that shows how long ago it was.

This little quilt doesn't match the planned nursery, but it looks pretty good in her great-grandmother's rocking chair

The white with blue crocheted trim was done about 3 years ago just because I couldn't resist that soft flannel and pretty crotchet threads in the quilt shop.
And the white blanket with yellow trim was made lately after I saw a PBS Sewing with Nancy segment on how to sew on satin binding. 
I thought it was going to be difficult, but she made it look so easy I had to give it a try.
This soft teddy bear fleece has been around also for years just because I couldn't resist buying it.  I'm not much for fleece, but this has been washed and still looks perfect.

Wide satin binding in a pretty yellow.

 Binding rolled on the neat holder a friend made.

It's been a few months since I did this, but it looks like I used my walking foot and did just a zigzag stitch to the very edge.

And this is where the magic begins.
First you backstitch and cut your thread completely.  Then fold the binding back on itself.
 Until it lays completely on top of what you've just sewn.
 Measure a 45-degree angle from the corner.
  Mark it almost to the corner but leave some space. I don't remember exactly how much, but maybe an inch from the corner.
Obviously it doesn't matter because this looks pretty messy, and it still turned out great.
Next step is to pull the free end over the stitching.
Just keep pulling until the corner seam shows.
With a little pulling and tweaking and pressing, it's just a perfect corner.  Like I said, magic!
The finished blanket.
I don't usually have things turn out so well, so I have to show it off when I do.  I'm more often hiding the flaws when I take pictures.
Tomorrow, the making of the neat hooded snuggler and the changing pad.  When I made these, we were still trying to be gender neutral.  I think they'll do for a girl, but I'm ready to make a couple more of these when Emily looks at them and gives me some suggestions on fabric and size.
So nonsewers are given fair warning.
I now have to go plant something.

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