Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Morning Walk

Mornings just can't get any more beautiful than this.  I love October.
 A very scruffy but happy dog in need of a haircut.
She does stop to smell the flowers when she gets a chance - and the garbage cans and electrical boxes and mailboxes.  Lots of good messages being picked up to dream about later.
This is a scary thing that arrived in the den yesterday.

Mike gathered everything he has been hoarding from the garage, his closet and various cabinets.  This includes things from his parents' house that are hard to part with plus "things" from over 40 years of working.

I don't have too much hope for the stack diminishing much, but at least it can be organized and put in the storage unit for our children to worry about one day.

He has never thrown away a card from a child.  I guess he gets this from his mother.  This is a card from Mike to Eleanor in the 1950s. 

Boiled peanuts make the task easier. 

I think I'm about to do the same with some of my things too.  I don't save everything, but I'm pretty bad.  I just discovered in my filing cabinet every check stub since I started working full time in 1993 up until they stopped sending paper ones. 
So many addresses!  So many memories of when I enjoyed working and when my pay made it worthwhile.  It's time to be ruthless - so out they go.  I think.

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