Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Missed a Day

But I still have a lot of say.  I'll have to double up today.  I did think about writing something last night and even got reminded of it, but I just didn't want to.

First, I couldn't find my camera until this morning, and those pictures I took yesterday are so important.

Second, I was out yesterday most of the day and had to work and catch up on things when I got home - like Facebook and Pinterest and emails - and maybe a nap.

Barbara and I planned a last minute venture by email Sunday night and planned to meet at Books-A-Million where she needed to look for something.  I went in just because I love bookstores and never turn down a chance to browse.  I thought I would buy a Christmas book for Futurebaby, but then I remembered those stacks of books in the attic and thought I would wait and see what we already have.

I was admiring this Skip Hop owl since I thought Emily had picked out a similar one in her Pottery Barn registry. Barbara then remembered that she had a 20% coupon on children's toys in the car, so that made it hard to leave there. Same price - no postage - 20% off - my BAM discount - no brainer.

 It is cute. The wings have this crinkly stuff in them with a mirror on one, and the baby owl comes part of the way out. I'm not sure what else there is to interest a baby, but I know I've enjoyed it so far, sitting there watching me work.

Barbara had her latest quilt with her and was going to pick up the two quilts she entered in the Alabama National Fair last week.  I hang around with talented people.  I'll save her quilts for the second entry later on.

We left the bookstore and went to Kudzu Blossom, as usual. The fat quarter sale had been extended, so we did our part to help them clean out their stock.

Pretty Christmas quilt.

 This was just a pattern that I liked.

And what's a visit to a quilt shop without taking pictures of the beautiful fabrics.

I didn't do much photography (or maybe some of the pictures were blurred) because I once again waylaid Paula to help me with borders for Emily's quilt.  She made the original one that Emily saw years ago when she fell in love with the fabrics.  I had seen some of the fabrics in the sale room through the years, but the only thing left were 2 of them.

We settled on a pretty brown/red dot for the 2-inch border, but the 6-8 inch outer border was harder. Finally Paula found this, and the colors are perfect. 

I sent Emily the pictures last night but didn't hear whether she likes it or not.

  It might not be quite what she wanted and we end up using this.

She likes this fabric better, but it's hard to tell with such a small piece how it's going to look.

She really wanted this turquoise and brown, but it's nowhere to be found now.
I think we'll both be happy with whatever she decides.  I'd love to get it ready for quilting before we leave in November.

So after a break, I'll be back with fair and more quilt pictures.  I wish someone would pay me for the time I spend on this blog.  Probably more likely to get an offer NOT to bother with it!

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