Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Claiming October

This is MY month.  The month I write something every day on this blog.  It's sad that I just haven't taken the time to at least record one thing that happens every day.  So that's what I'm going to do.

I keep seeing on other blogs a commitment to 31 days of writing about a certain subject, but I just want 31 days of anything.  Maybe this will make me do it by writing it down.

So, about this beautiful day. I went to bed with rain falling and woke up to the same. Lovely sound. Mike left for Andalusia and called to say it was raining hard on I-85. This is what I saw about 10 minutes later.

A perfect morning for a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee and catching up on all that's happened since I posted last.

Biggest change is that right after Emily and I found Baby Boy's complete 1st year wardrobe on sale for 75% off, we discovered that he is actually Baby Girl. We miss him, but we are so excited about a little girl. It's still kind of hard to wrap our minds around. 

Keeping the slicker and Auburn things though - and the devil hat.

I have just about 4 months for all these ideas rolling around in my head to get planned and done.  I plan to take October to just finish up or work on finishing at least one thing I have started.  And then take pictures of the projects I've finished so I will remember them.

Sherry and David are on a fabulous trip out west.  We enjoy reading their blog, and it will be an inspiration for when we get out that way again.  Those well-traveled cats are hilarious.

First a few pictures from my camera that I discovered.

This crazy pyracantha that produces berries in September.  Maybe that's normal, but I'd rather have them in the colder months.

I think this will be okay for a girl to burp with.

One of the sweetest pictures we'll ever have.  Roy is signing all 3 copies of his Uncle Fuddy-Duddy books for his great-grandchild.  He loved doing this, and they will always be treasured.

Kathy and Debby met us at Tabby D's for lunch, and Emily wanted a Southern meal.  Looks like she got it. 

Mike took this picture of Emily's finished quilt on his phone, so it doesn't look quite as bright as it is, but this gives the idea.  We need to decide on borders and backing now.
I'm blocking 2 hats I made, 1 knitted and 1 crocheted.  I have no idea about head sizes, so I'm going to just make a few and see what works.

The rest are pictures taken at TJ's Fabrics in Opp, Alabama.  These are just a few of the fabrics we loved.  Again, this was when we were thinking about boy nurseries.

Beautiful fabrics.  How to choose?  I think I'm seeing a theme here though.  Turquoise and gray with a little yellow?  This doesn't even include the new Riley Blake Willow in yellow and gray that was just arriving when we were there.  We didn't buy much the first visit, but I'll be going back.  Love that store.

I hope I didn't use up everything on Oct 1st since I have 30 more days to go.

I'm going for a walk now and will maybe see something interesting. 

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