Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good Morning.

I overslept and couldn't get my hair to work.

 Mama's doctor's office was ready for Halloween.

She enjoys her visits with Dr. Bolen.  He listens to her and laughs at her jokes and makes her feel better by just going.  That hasn't always been the case with her doctors, so I think she's found a good place.
So catching up with yesterday.  I got to go someplace I had not been.  I knew there were fairgrounds in Montgomery and that there was a fair last week, but I didn't expect to visit. 

Barbara had entered two of her quilts in the competition and needed to pick them up. 

It's huge.  There was kind of "the party's over" atmosphere around, but there were plenty of people working to disassemble things.  Here are a few random pictures I took on the way in - all accompanied by the sounds of roosters crowing in the next partition - hope no one forgot to take them home!

Here are Barbara's two quilts. She didn't get a ribbon, but I don't know why. She was hoping to get a critique to see where she could improve, but it didn't happen. I would have given her 2 blue ribbons!
Sorry this picture doesn't show the true colors. It was beautiful. And look at that border. That's not easy!

I really love this one too. It's just beautiful, and I love the red backing.


I peeked at one of the winner's quilts.  I have to admit it was beautiful with a lot of applique and complicated-looking quilting.

So we'll concede this blue ribbon and plate.
Some interesting quilting here.  Really pretty.
Just a few pictures as we headed out.

Pretty lonely looking now.

This is the view I'll have of the audience if I ever decide to have a circus act.  I'm thinking lion taming - but then I wouldn't be looking up at the audience much.

  Saving the best for last.

This is the quilt that Barbara has just finished. It's really my favorite. I think she should enter it in next year's fair.

I've never been a batik lover, but I'm seeing some pretty things lately.  I want to do one just like this.  I don't really have anything started - or anything.

Anyway, it was a nice day for exploring and admiring quilts and having a nice lunch and catching up on our lives.  It was a much-needed getaway for me.

From this - although there has been a lot of progress made.

When I got home this morning, this was laying on top of a stack of pictures.

Taken around 1952 or so back when riding in the Glass-Bottom Boat at Silver Springs was pretty exciting.  Lots of people we don't know, but that's my brother and me with parents behind us.  There were just a couple of people not as excited as us!

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