Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snoqualmie Pictures

As we enjoy our unseasonably warm weather, I've been getting pictures from Emily. She was so afraid there wouldn't be enough snow to cancel work, but it sure looks like there was.

There may be more today. I'm looking forward to more pictures when they get through enjoying it.

I tend to enjoy snow like Jack.
He was born in South Dakota and spent the first 4 years of his life there, but living in Alabama for 3 years spoiled him. Emily bought this cute basket for yarn, but Jack had other ideas.

Speaking of keeping warm, I stole this picture of Gus from Debby's Facebook page. Just trying it out for size.

And while I was stealing pictures, I decided to get a couple more. I knew I could find cozy kitties on Sherry's blog.

Here's Nicholas enjoying the snow last winter. I'm not sure they've had any snow in TN yet this year.

The ultimate snuggling picture. Finnegan and Bentley. Sweet boys, all of them.

What I'm doing today - well now that it's half over.

I spent the morning organizing coupons and grocery lists and buying groceries. Pretty successful. Spent just over $100 and saved $41. It would have been more, but Mike and Mama kept adding things to my list that weren't on sale.

We also did one more chore that's been bugging me. I had the easy job of sorting through the various bottles and boxes, and Mike did the actual cleaning. Sounds fair to me. Maybe under the cabinet needs a little attention too.
The knitting is a project that I pinned on Pinterest. It's not quite as quick as advertised or as easy. You sure have to pay attention!

Here's a nice take on Pinterest. I thought it was a little silly at first too and still am not sure how it works, but it sure does keep my to-do list more organized. I tend to want to read all the books on my list and do all the projects faster since someone's looking now. The first thing I ever pinned was a knitting needle caddy, and since then 40 people have repinned it to their boards and 7 have liked it. I have no idea how these 47 people found my Pinterest board. Mine is pretty much bare and unimaginative, but every day I get emails saying so-and-so has pinned or liked or commented on something I have.

I left some dishes in the sink when I decided the cabinet needed cleaning. Then I stopped to check my email. Then I thought about blogging and taking some pictures and stealing some pictures, so now an hour later I'll creep back in and finish those dishes.

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  1. Love those cozy cats... They looks so comfortable in there!! love G