Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainy Night

Nice rain tonight. Good soaking rain that's way overdue.

The thunder scared Darby so we let her come in, and she enjoyed cleaning out the cat bowls in the kitchen and then relaxing with an after-dinner chew stick.

We're cleaning out cabinets and drawers and the garage and just about everything for a possible yard sale next weekend. The pet cabinet yielded a few interesting things: A dog Halloween costume and a few cat hats that Elise talked me into - which never stayed on a cat head for more than 3 seconds.

Good dog. Patient and long-suffering dog.

This is Darby maybe 6 years ago when she was too young to protest. They'll go into the yard sale along with various other things that haven't been used in that long.

The cat toy box was full of odds and ends of amusements, but Stella was not impressed by any of them. She stared at the mice and even tolerated one on her head but would only give them a bored look before she fell asleep under their gaze.

I took a lot of pictures when we went to South Carolina last week, but I'm too tired to sort them tonight. I'm ready to hear more rain.

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  1. Wahahahaha!! I love Darby, she´s so cute! I love the Batman costume, but it should be Batgirl costume right?

    A big hug, G