Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Following Directions

I did sew today. Finally

Two things had made me not as enthusiastic about getting back to the sewing machine.

One is that the light above the machine had burned out, and it's one of those special kinds that takes a lot of expertise to change, i.e., a husband on a ladder. So Mike changed that for me last week.

Nice. I have a couple of lamps/lights at the machine and windows, but there's nothing like a good overhead light.

The second is that one of my blocks didn't match up like it should, and I just didn't want to take out the stitching and fix it. So I did that this morning - 10 minutes at the most - 5 minutes figuring out where the discrepancy was and 5 minutes actually picking out the seams and resewing.

So now I'm good to go and did these 4 blocks in what time I had left. I cut out a bunch more, but these were the ones I got sewed.

Elise had picked out this sweet blue print for the outside triangles. It's been around so long, she may have once had a dress made from this - something was cut out of it. It's a softer blue than the picture shows.

The directions said to cut 11-inch squares and then cut them in half diagonally to make triangles. I did that and then couldn't wait to try them out with the blocks. Ummm. Not what I expected. It took a few minutes of wondering and then going back and reading the REST of the directions - cut those triangles in half to make smaller one.

That's more like it. I think that will work.

I spent a little more time sitting outside in the wind and watching the clouds swirling around.

While we need some rain, I feel bad that it's raining in the northern section where they're trying to recover from last week's damage. I'm keeping one eye on the Weather Channel.

I hear the rain now. Perfect for working this afternoon with the back door open and a nice cup of coffee - Rain Forest Nut, of course.

Oh, today is my mother's birthday - 88. If she didn't have osteoporosis and back pain, I would be having to hide the car keys from her. She says she could drive anywhere if she could walk to the car without her walker. She still does a lot of things. She's the one who brings in the mail every day and empties the dishwasher when it's full. She locks the doors and turns on the lights at night. She keeps her own rooms and bathroom clean - and half the time mine too. She's now threatening to pull the weeds in the front beds. She's the unofficial neighborhood watch person, and those weeds could seriously handicap her seeing every person who walks by the house and keeping up with how many days the neighbors have been on vacation.

I guess that's my job for tomorrow morning.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! Hope she had a wonderful day! :-)