Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sunrises, sunsets, and a handsome corgi

Because of my lack of interesting things happening around here, I've asked 2 guest contributors for their latest photos.

The first set Emily took on her walk around her neighborhood with my grand-dog Griff.

A warning on the first picture. Kathy or others with severe aversion to 8-legged creatures might want to scroll quickly to the second one. It's NOT REAL though. Just someone's idea of a cute gate.

I know it doesn't help. If someone thought it was "cute" to put an image of a snake on a gate, I would be terribly offended and avoid passing by it.

I can't see these flowers close enough to know what they are. It looks like a fruit tree, but I don't know my fruit tree blossoms. Emily and Ryan are slowly learning that some things that grow well in the south don't too much like the NW (tomatoes), but hostas do really well. Hers are coming up from last year.

Someone is thrilled to be out of the house to romp in the sunshine.

The next set was photographed by my falsely modest husband (well, hardly modest at all). Some people are storm chasers. He's a sunset (or sunrise) chaser.

The storm one was on the way back to TX the night before the tornadoes hit MS and AL.

Others are around Littlefield, TX, and the last 2 were taken in Mexico City from the hotel room.


I went into the quilt shop just for a minute today to get a couple of colors for the scrappy quilt, but I won't post pictures, because I've already told Mike that joke about the lady whose husband didn't mind how much fabric she bought as long as it was in fat quarters because she had told him fat quarters were free.

I'll have to think of something else.


  1. I think that could be cherry trees or plums.

  2. I agree. It could be either. When I did a search for both cherry and plum, the only difference is that one has oval petals and the other round, one with a split. Too bad we can't get closer. Maybe Emily will go pick one so we can see it close up. Or we could wait for the fruit. In Washington, I'll bet it's a cherry tree.