Sunday, March 13, 2011

Creeping Back In

The lack of inspiration to write anything on this blog bothers me, makes me feel guilty, and makes me worry that I will wish in a few years that I had written everything down. I'll (as always) try to do better. I can't drum up any interest in changing the layout, making it look nicer, or anything like that.


Big news. THE QUILT has its baby.

It got finished and mailed to Washington.

And here is Isley herself - in person. Parents Stacy and Kyle declare that she is perfect, 7 pounds, 9 inches, 21 inches long.

She's beautiful, and I can't wait to meet her.

I do have a little bit more to show on Elise's quilt. I'm trying to make a few pairs of blocks a morning.

Some work and some don't. Here's a reject. It just didn't get along with the others.

It's a fun quilt to do. Let's see if I'm enjoying it this much when it comes time to match up the rows and put it together.

The weather is finally getting nice after all that rain and wind. I'm hoping to start taking Darby out for walks in the mornings and enjoy some of it. Today it's church, quick trip to the grocery store and work until 7.

Later - Just saw this on Facebook. I have no shame about stealing pictures from Facebook!

Isley's going to have to fight dad for her quilt, it looks like.

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  1. Ohhhh Becky!! It is always nice to read about you and what are you doing, I love your enthusiasm for quilting and how you deal with your busy life; so, please don´t stop writing!!

    Really nice quilt, but it is a shame the baby don´t have a pic with it ha!!

    Let´s do something: Let´s trade a quilt for some cakes, tell me what you think, besides we are plenty of time to discus and set the terms... ok?

    Send you a big hug and please cheer up my dear!!