Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rainy Day Sewing

What could be better?

Maybe a nice cup of Rain Forest Nut and a purring cat along with the rain. I can't think of many things I'd rather be doing this morning.

With the pictures I took this morning, I may have made a very good argument about getting a new sewing machine.

I love my machine (Viking-Husqvarna Freesia). It's getting old but still sews very nicely. I'm familiar with its quirks and limitations, and it knows mine. I've learned to recognize the sound it makes when the bobbin is almost out, and I love that you don't have to unthread the needle to fill a new bobbin. I'm sure all the newer machines are like this now though. I really, really do want a needle threader though of my next one.

My biggest problem is space, and it's probably not just the machine, although the nice newer machines have large surfaces just for quilting and a bigger space between the needle and the other part. See below. I'm sewing in the dining room now because the sunroom is a little chilly, and it looks messy all the time. But anyway...

When I last mentioned THE quilt, I was a little too optimistic about being almost through. I conveniently forgot about all those little 1/2 inch bindings that had to be top-stiched - 6 of them across the length of the quilt.

If I thought it was hard to top-stich these little panels -

I had just forgotten what manipulations are necessary to feed a whole quilt through the little opening in the machine.

The first row is easy because there is nothing on the right, but as you work down the quilt, all that bulk has to be rolled up to the right. And you still have to guide that foot with both hands.

In this picture, I'm holding the balance of the quilt under my chin so I can have both hand free for feeding it through.

It did make for some interesting contortions and trial-and-error moves.

Maddie has been with me all the way in making this quilt. She likes the bright colors and the sound the machine makes.

She helps with the straightening.

And sometimes she even checks on the tension for me.

So - I did finish all the pink bindings. It sure has grown into a big little quilt.

This closeup shows just how hard it is to keep a straight line along the edge. But I'm happy with it so far.

Now the green side has to be folded, pressed, and stitched down - by hand!

Easy but time-consuming. I have a little of that this morning - time, that is - and a good excuse for another cup of coffee. Vacuuming the floors is not half as much fun, and rain doesn't come often enough to waste it.

The next pictures WILL have the binding on.


  1. Hahahahaha a cat checking a good manufacture...
    It is so cute, I love her wiskers!!

  2. Following along with you on this quilt creation is just really neat! I'm in awe of the things you say that are "easy"...it would have me in a total tizzy! ha! The quilt is just looking so wonderful! Can't wait to see pics of the finished product!

  3. Yes, Maddy will tell me when I need a NEW machine. She's thinking hard about it.

    Lydia, by the time this is finished, you'll think you've done the work. I see the things you do, and nothing would put you in a tizzy!