Friday, January 7, 2011


I don't have time to write much today, so I'll just post a few pictures.

I'll do my quilting project before I show pictures of the big quilts that the others did. My little area started off pretty neat, but as time went on, it got messier and messier with all those little snips of pink and green and got scattered all over the room. I would find pieces in places I could have sworn I'd never been before - on the staircase, in the kitchen, in other people's areas.

It was nice, though, to have room to lay all my pieces out and sew and iron them on without interruption.

Meanwhile Sherry across the table smoothly went through her pile-o-purple and turned out a fabulous quilt that I will post pictures of tomorrow. You can see that the first picture was taken before our 3rd table mate Vista arrived. We kind of spilled over onto her table.

Now you can see Vista's neat work to the left. It was nice getting to know her and seeing the pretty things she was turning out - quickly. Pictures tomorrow.

This is how a block looked before trimming.

And this is how it looked after trimming. That was my favorite part.

I had to number them because there were 30 of them, and they had special places to go even they all looked alike.

On Tuesday afternoon, I finally had enough done that I could sew the sashing between the panels and lay it out in rows. It was very tricky trying to make sure the front pieces were in order while keeping the back right side up and staying with the pattern. What a relief when it all matched up.

This last picture is one row of the wrong side - strips with pink sashing - and under it is the other side with green sashing.

Tonight I'm working on pinning those strips into 1/2-inch strips and tomorrow I'll top stitch them down.
It's coming along and fun to do.
Big nice amazing quilts tomorrow.

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