Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Red Rooster Pictures

Remembering the good times. Southern Pecan coffee in my new cup and reading some of the recipes from the cookbook I got there. I will definitely be making some of the dishes in it.

The pictures below are some of the quilts and details of quilts that were already at the house. I missed a lot of them - there were so many - and every one just beautiful. We think most of them were made by the owner of the bed and breakfast, Jennifer.

Debby: Did she or didn't she produce this rooster quilt?

Now to the week's creations. When someone finished a quilt top, they would go upstairs and hang it over the railing for everyone to admire. Such a pretty sight.

I'll start off with Sherry's quilt since I know a little bit about it. I know that most of the fabric was William Morris and that it was beautiful. I know that she grumbled about being disappointed with the contrast of the white, but try as I could, I could never see the problem. At first, all I saw was this jumble of purple, white, and beige squares and triangles.
turn into this

and then those pieces into this.

In 2 days from start to finish.

This was done by Vicki (there are 2 Vicki's and I may not have the spelling correct, but I know who did which quilts). She also did this from the beginning in 2 days - or less.

And then went on to make this one. The turquoise circles and stripes.

Vista and Judy were making small quilts to use up their stash. I think they were going to be contributed to neonatal units or charities. Some lucky children will be happy to have these.

The other Vicki was working on her batik squares.

The border/sashing was just perfect for bringing them all together. I thought it looked like a stained glass window.

Mary Lu got busy and completed this cute froggy bag almost before I got unpacked.

I think these were from her table too, but I'll have to ask her for some updated pictures of them. Once I got the pictures home, it was hard to remember who was working on what. Looks interesting though. . .
There are more, believe it or not. I'm waiting on some identification and maybe some finished projects. Then I have to get started on my own things. I need more time.
And maybe another retreat!

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  1. Ohhh you always amazed me with all these projects, congratulations to all the quilters, I really love the one with the rooster on, Debby looks so gorgeous holding it, but yours have my fav mix colors. Can´t wait to see it finished.
    A big hug dear B.