Thursday, December 2, 2010


Mama found this little guy in her bathtub this morning.

Here he is on the front porch thanking me for his freedom. He'd just better be glad he has legs or he would have been looking at a violent end.

Mama walked into my room earlier with a bath brush in one hand and a dust pan in another asking for help. She thought he was pretty cute (about 2 inches nose to tail) but didn't want any part of removing him.

So how would he have gotten there? These girls are not talking.

Time for quilting again. How about this for some serious cuteness?

Can't wait to get started on this, one of my 3 to take to the quilting retreat.


  1. Is that a gecko? I like this guys and I agree with Mrs. Ray... are cute and eat flies haha!

    I really love your quilting job, and I know you will amaze us with that pretty lady bug fabric, you are awesome.

    A big hug for you, G

  2. I'm sure gecko is his fancy name. Around here, he's just a lizard. I'm not sure he is big enough to eat a fly!