Monday, November 29, 2010

Creeping Back

When I don't write anything here, I don't even pull up the web site or read the comments, so I missed a few. Thanks Lydia and Gaby for hanging in there with me.

I don't have too much hope for anything interesting happening in December since I won't be preparing for lots of people here. It will be just Mike and Elise, Mama and me, and we'll probably spend some of their time in Andalusia. And possibly painting....

Putting up and decorating the tree all by myself is not exciting me right now. I'm still trying to decide if I have the energy to put away the few fall decorations and bring out some Christmas ones. I'm not motivated today, but the spirit might overtake me later this week.

It's the bleak season now, and I actually like it. There is quite a change in scenery from the last time I posted.

One bright spot at the side door.

I did catch up on some of my emails (although I did have to be prodded by a couple of people), rolled over a 401K from my dying company, talked about maybe, maybe retirement for both of us next year (fingers crossed), and pretty much did a lot of reading and thinking about sewing.

If all goes well, on January 2nd Debby and I should be driving to Cullman, AL, to meet Sherry at the Red Rooster Retreat.

Some of Sherry's advice: ..... don’t get too dressed up. Just be comfortable. Meals are provided.... There’s a little snack room in the big house with a refrigerator to put your things in. We were all sitting around in front of the fireplace last time remarking about how much weight we had gained since arriving even our socks were tight. Remember to pack more projects and sewing stuff in your suitcase than clothes. You can sew or read, from the time you get up until you go to bed if you want—except for waddling in to the dining rooms for meals, so you really get a LOT done.

Wow, 4 days and 3 nights of doing nothing I don't want to. Not having to get dressed to go anywhere. Sewing with people who are also sewing (motivation to stay on task). Delicious meals cooked and served to you. Sitting around the fire at night and knitting or sewing and talking. I think I could love some of that. Plus lots of cousin talk. I can't even remember when the 3 of us were together last - maybe our grandmother's funeral a loooong time ago. That's awful, but we'll manage to catch up, I'm sure.

I'm cutting out pieces for 2 long-promised daughter quilts and a baby quilt with ladybugs for the March baby Isley. Plus I'm packing a few unfinished embroidery and knitting projects.

Speaking of painting, this is the email I got from Mike this morning:

1. Go to some store where they will talk to you. Doesn't matter which
store. And the price of the paint doesn't matter. Latex vs oil not
important. The ability to cover in 2 coats is all. (sounds simple, but I will probably overthink this - and I didn't notice any help on what color paint.)

2. Tell them you want something that might cover sheet rock in 2 coats.

3. Get two gallons.

4. Consider the trim and get one quart. I don't think there is hardly
any of this in that room.

5. Don't start. Important that you not start. (wonder why he would say that...)

6. Look around and see if there's a roller frame and pan. I will buy
the brushes and roller pads. (We have 40 years' worth of paint stuff - somewhere. I think I can find those.)

Time to get started on laundry and cleaning and then a cup of Cinnamon Roll coffee before I start to work.

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