Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back to the World

Cyber world, that is. It's amazing how a few days without a computer can make you feel kind of out of touch and disconnected. I still had my work computer for email and - well, working - but I have my "favorites" that I check in with every day, and I missed those.

When I called my favorite computer repair shop, instead of Sam or Luay answering, I heard a feminine voice. I guess it's been a year since I've been there to take Mama's computer in, and I had 2 surprises. Really 3. One of the first blog entries I wrote was about buying my new computer, and one thing that was funny was dodging the parking lot holes. I was pleasantly surprised to see them all neatly filled in, so I could drive all over the place without falling in one of them.

Then when I got inside, I noticed that something was different. They had done a little remodeling and it looks so nice. They walled off the area where the computers being repaired are kept and now it's just the showroom when you walk in. Lots of mirrors. It's pretty hard taking a picture in a room full of pictures without getting yourself in them.

Then the biggest surprise was Sam's new wife, Rebecca. They've been married a couple of months, and she seems to be fitting in nicely at the shop. It's extremely busy with people coming and going and the phone ringing. I was there a good while because I was too curious and asked Sam too many questions, and we got the computer messed up temporarily, but he fixed it, and I was able to look around. Maybe not a good thing. Thse are pretty nice. VERY nice.

Maybe I need one. I've already kind of narrowed them down to my 2 favorites.

Anyway, Rebecca left to go get lunch and came back with some bread Sam's mother made. She's just been in the country a few months, and I'm still waiting to hear what the bread is called. They gave me a bite, and it was wonderful, kind of 2 flat layers of bread with the middle filled with a mixture of herbs. All the way home, I was wanting to go back and get some more.

So here are Sam and Rebecca. I told them to pretend to be working. I'm not sure what they were typing on the computer. Cute, anyway.

They're really nice, and it's a neat place to visit except when I do visit, it's always when I have a broken computer. Hoping not to be back for awhile though.
Unless it's to take home a new laptop.

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