Friday, September 24, 2010

I Hear It's Fall

All the signs are there.

Back-to-school sales. Pumpkins and colored leaves in all the stores. Corduroy and fleece in the fabric shops. Football games,

But it's not fall for me yet. Not with the temperatures in the 90s and air conditioner going all day. Not with blue-white skies and sidewalks radiating heat. Not with crunchy brown grass and wilting plants. I gave my azaleas a pep talk this morning and promised them rain this weekend - lots of it. They've heard that story before.

Mama got her flu shot early this year. Last year we had to drive out of town to get it because of the demand. So we can check that one thing off.

While she was waiting at the pharmacy section of Big C, I made another coupon run. I came out with 3 Right Guard deodorants, 2 Edge shaving creams, and 2 Revlon lipsticks for ---- 80 cents. And brought home more CVS money to spend next time. I think I made a profit of about $4 while I waited for her.

It got a little confusing at the cash register when the cashier coveted my lipstick color and wanted me to open it after I paid. When I opened it, I didn't like it but she did, so she let me return it and get another color. We were flinging CVS cards and coupons and lipsticks around like crazy. It was fun, but if I came out for 80 cents, I'm satisfied.

I also did well at Publix again, saving $63 and spending $90. I had a brief argument with a cashier over the wording of a coupon: $5.00 off a 2-count item doesn't mean you have to buy 2 packages, just that there are 2 in the package. She was blinded by the number 2. She stood her ground, so I just put my 2-count item back and went to another store and got two 2-counts items - free.

I'm enjoying talking with old friends by email and FB this week. I'm not why they all came out of hiding the same month, but it's very nice.

If it doesn't rain this weekend like promised, I will not be happy and neither will my azaleas.

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