Monday, September 20, 2010

Almost There

Warning to guys and Debby: Sewing related only.

My only goal today was to finish the daygown that I've been working on. I'm lagging behind. You can go here and see some of the finished ones. Beautiful. Every one different.

And mine, thread dangling, no buttons, unhemmed, but I'm proud of it.

So I didn't actually finish, but I'm down to sewing on buttons (easy!) and hemming (should be easy), and finishing a little bit of the embroidery that I'm going to retrace on the hem - also easy but not possible today.

Tomorrow maybe.

This week for sure. And then I have another project that I WILL finish before I start on another.

The giveaway that I mentioned last week I wasn't fortunate enough to win, but I did win in a way. When I went to the winner's web site, I found a pattern of hers that I love. It's a cross-stitch pumpkin. I'm not sure why I like it so much, just that it's different and looks like fun to do.

But NOT this week.

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