Saturday, August 7, 2010

Buttonholes Woes

I was right to dread the buttonhole part of the daygown I'm making. I don't make enough buttonholes to be familiar with my sewing machine's method and have to relearn every time. I don't think it makes pretty ones, and that's one qualification my new one has to have if I'm able to get my dream machine one day. So I was kind of happy about learning to do them by hand, especially when I wanted this gown to be sewn completely by hand.

But after 3 attempts and realizing that my fabric looked like a mouse had gnawed three holes in it, I decided maybe that was not for me. I had starched it until it was like a piece of blue paper, marked it, reinforced it, and overcast the edges. But when it came time to make those little stitches to bind the buttonhole, I just couldn't see what I was doing, and they were all shapes and sizes. I was going to humble myself and post a picture of it, but I can't even find the sad little thing now.

So on to the dreaded machine made ones. They didn't come easily, those little half-inch-at-the-most buttonholes. I practiced until I got the length right and then worked on the thickness of the stitch. Then I had to try to see my markings well enough to know when to stop. I hate to even put in the next picture, but it shows my frustration well.

My thread gave out halfway through one of them, and I had to replace it, I broke one needle, and I came within a hair of snipping a hole in the placket.

BUT. They're in there. They're not perfect, not even very good, and even with tissue paper underneath, the fabric puckered. I think once the button is on top of them, it won't be terrible. That is, if I get the courage to cut the silly little things. They're still sewed together until a calmer day.

The embroidery tracing went very well though, and I can't wait to get started on that.

I even broke down and started my 9-patch-a-day sewalong - only 6 days (squares) behind.

I asked a few people to share with me what they're working on, and I'm still waiting to hear on a few, but Sherry sent these pictures.

Like I've said, all the talent in the family went to Sherry. She's getting ready to teach an Applique Academy in the fall. And I don't even want to know all the other things she's doing.


I know Barbara is working on the 9-patch (or supposed to be) but she's out of town, and Debby and Elise are still teaching themselves to thread a needle. I'll get back with them later - much later.

Emily is too busy hiking and being mistaken for a celebrity at the Twin Peaks pilot screening. At least we feel like that's why they were being videotaped and photographed so much.

Emily, Karen, and Victoria and some real celebrities in the background - somewhere.

I haven't had time to check it closer, but Lydia seems to have a giant new embroidery machine. If you're on Facebook, go "like" her.

I'll have some pretty pictures of some Texas quilts in the next few days.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    I hate making buttonholes!