Friday, June 11, 2010

So Much for Worrying about Coyotes in Washington

When I hear about Emily and Ryan and their friends hiking, I kind of mention "wildlife"and what they would do if they happened to see a wild animal. They are quite educated and say they are prepared with mace and whatever else they need, I guess, and never hike alone.

I guess I need to worry about my own back yard.

This was in an e-mail from our neighborhood association today:

If you have seen the “lost tabby cat” signs posted on the light poles around the neighborhood, please be aware that the cat is still missing. This cat belongs to Mary Overton of Forest Trail Court. Unfortunately, her other cat is now missing also. Mary said that a few of her neighbors have also lost their cats. When she contacted wildlife control, she was informed that it is highly likely that both her animals were taken by coyotes that are rampant in both our neighborhood and Arrowhead. The control officer said that the problem started last year and they have spent over $75,000 trying to eradicate the problem. So,…….please keep your cats in at night. You should also watch out for your small dogs, again, especially at night.


First I've heard of it. This may be the cul-de-sac at the end of our street or either one street over. Too close for comfort anyway! I guess I'd better stop tossing Stella outside for being evil and keep her inside. Darby will stay inside the fence and is safe, but the cats can climb the fence and wander around on the side and front.

I'll also think twice about taking the trash can to the street in my pajamas after dark.

I checked a map, and that little street is over 2 streets and in a less wooded area than ours. We have miles of forest starting just a block away. I try not to think about it. Forest Trail is on my walking route though, and I believe Darby has "spoken" to those cats before.

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