Thursday, May 27, 2010

What have I been doing?

Good question. You can't find it on these pages the last week or 2. I could have made up something, I guess. Life is easy, uneventful just like I like it.

I've been celebrating this:

By working myself into a stupor. I've worked every day in May except for May 1 when I was traveling back from Texas. Every day. Overtime is nice though. The blue thing is a T-shirt that will go in my collection of 3 others that I've gotten over the 4 years I've worked here. Some MTs got chapstick on a string one year (that may have been us), and that's been a big joke about how appreciated we are. OSi is a good company, and they do listen to our gripes and try to make good changes, but things have changed in the 16 years I've done this, and it's not quite as much fun as it used to be. I'm just grateful for the wonderful job that I could pack up and take with me every time I moved and one that allows me to learn something new every day. Like lately it's kidney and heart transplants. It's so interesting to hear how they take the organ to the "back table" and get it ready and then see what has to be done to make it work. Anyway.

Everyone within the sound of my voice knows I'm planning - thinking about - hoping to retire in 16 months. I'm counting the days, but then I'll probably miss it and stay on part time. It's good to have that to look forward to though.

I've driven Mama twice this month to Prattville to get steroid injections for her back, which have been worth it. It may not have taken all her pain away, but it's certainly perked her up to the point that she has wanted to go shopping every day this week. Today on the way home, she said, "You would tell me if I act funny, wouldn't you? I just feel so good."

We've been on the hunt for just the perfect dress for this wedding Saturday. Found. Just the perfect small beige purse to put a Kleenex in. Found. Just the perfect necklace and earrings. Pink pearl-y ones. Found.

None of this for me. I'll just wear whatever I think is suitable and whatever fits this spring. The wedding is formal, and I know what that means for the wedding party, and I know what it means if you're a guest, but I'm really kind of in between, aunt/guest. One thing I'm certain of - my feet will hurt at some point, probably sooner rather than later. At least during the dinner, I'll be able to hide my shoeless feet under the table. Debby and I plan to have a good time in spite of hurting feet and uncomfortable clothes. And take lots of pictures.

I'm just glad it's not me running all over the place this May trying to work miracles. That's just a happy memory. One year ago this week. Emily and Ryan.

Two of my favorite pictures. I still don't know what Keith was saying to get that kind of reaction.

They can't believe they finally did it.

They're taking a few days off work to get away. I asked what potentially dangerous thing they were doing this time. Snowshoeing, mountain climbing, running marathons? Eating too many oysters? It's only camping on an island, Orca's Island in the San Juan Islands. It sounded Central American-ish to me, but it seems to be the other direction - way up there. It looks beautiful, and I'm happy they are getting this chance.

One day soon I'll get back to sewing instead of fighting the water hose every day to keep my plants happy - or shopping - or listening to doctors chew and doze off while they dictate.

Don't think I don't have a pile of projects ready for that time. A huge pile.

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