Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Sewing Day

Yesterday was Part 2 of my smocking construction class that I decided I had to have if I was going to enjoy heirloom sewing again.

Not that that's all I need, but it was a good beginning.

So back to Sweet Treasures for another learning session - this time plackets, seams, and neck bindings.

Our homework was to smock at least a row, but I enjoyed it so much, I did as much as I had time for plus a sleeve (which I might change my mind on later).

Here's my work table. It was nice to have this whole table all to myself because I do tend to move right in and fill up every available space!

The placket method we learned was amazing. I may never make another kind. Jeanie says it's not her invention, but she's a very good instructor of it anyway.

When I found out she had 5 pages of instructions and that we had to make sample for each page, I was a little intimidated and thought it would be extra hard. But it is a simple process, and the five pages were not all filled with instructions but had big blank spaces for us to pin our samples.

I did fine on my first three but failed my fourth step! I laid yellow on top of blue instead of vice versa and made a wrong clip. But when it came time to do my "real" one, Jeanie was there to watch every step and it was perfect. Not a pucker in sight and a beautiful French seam that moved right into the placket.

While Jeanie was busy with Kathy, the other student, I asked if I could wander around their beautiful shop and take pictures. Being the bad photographer I am, most pictures are blurry, but I think they'll still give an idea of the pretty things they have there.

Jeanie showing Kathy the smocking she was doing with Swiss insertion for the sleeves.

A whole row of beautifully embroidered day gowns and dresses.

I liked this so much, I bought the smocking plate and decided I would try picture smocking next - maybe starting on something a little simpler than this.

This is an interesting pattern, not so frilly.

A lacy backdrop to ribbons and thread.
This is the batiste section and two beautiful dresses,
Bright seersucker.
This the neckband made all by myself (before turning and stitching it down), and it's NOT UGLY!

I'll finish boring the non-sewers tomorrow, but now I have to go sew a little more.


  1. I am going to pretend you took those pictures of the shop especially for me! I've got to get to that store soon. What you are making is just beautiful!!! So professional looking!

  2. There is a chair with the name Lydia on it and excellent teachers when you get ready for smocking and quilting and hand embroidery. And you could probably find a little fabric you liked if you looked hard enough.

  3. Thank you so much for the tour of the shop. Looks wonderful. I love your bishop. And your neckband looks wonderful! I would love to know about the plackets. I have never been completely happy with my bishop plackets. Great job. So glad you are taking a class that you enjoy.

  4. Thanks, Martha. If I can't get Jeanie to describe it, I may tackle it. With my photography though, it might be more confusing. Tomorrow...

  5. Great pics and wonderful job, you are making beautiful things in there.

  6. I just love your little blue bishop! There's just something about pale blue batiste with white smocking and/or lace. It's such a perfect combination. Can't wait to see finished pics!

  7. Your amazing! Your shop looks like a candy store with all the rows of colorful threads and beautiful little dresses such beautiful work! You are very talented!
    Thanks for coming by to join in the blogoversary giveaway!
    Good luck to you!
    ~TattingChic ♥