Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Everything's Bigger in Texas

I think I've heard that phrase a few times!

Bigger is not always better though when you have to pay $200 for a pair of jeans.

Mike sent me this picture the other day, and this is from his email:

Betty Wells called me a few days ago and said they had been asked to make some 68x28 jeans for a man who has been having to pay $200 each for his jeans. She and Kay Cloninger were able to help this fellow by making a pattern from a pair of his old jeans. I think they said he will only have to pay ACG $30 for each pair.

What a neat thing to do - ACG and these ladies. They know what they're doing with those machines in the background. I got a chance to go there last August, and it was quite intimidating. They may work hard, but it sounds like they have a lot of fun too. I believe Mike spends a lot of time there around lunch time when the smells from their kitchen reach him.

So... Nothing going on much in Montgomery. I'm packing up to go on my little trip with Debby tomorrow that didn't happen last week because I'm kind of crazy with dates. We hoped for warmer weather but that won't keep us from talking and visiting and reading and eating seafood in Ft. Walton. In fact, if Debby will drive, I'll be able to do needlework all the way there and back. I'm ready to leave now!

I'll be depressed later today after I hear the estimate on repairing/replacing that big saggy gate of mine that looks bad and lets dogs escape.

Someone send me happy news.


  1. Wow. I wish I get get some custom jeans made. Not that I need any that big (thank goodness!) but I hate jeans and never wear them because I can never find a pair that fits my "womanly curves"...haha! So, Mr. Mike, can you make me a pair of jeans that would fit a tall gal, with big hips and small waist?! Can't stand the gaping in the waist that happens with most brands of jeans! :-)
    Hmm...happy news? Well, I'm in the process of making a romper for Jacob. It's a little nerve racking for me but you and all your beautiful boutique-ish clothes inspired me to try to make something cute and sweet in the form of apparel! I'll keep you updated with my progress.
    Have a super fun time on your trip--I'm jealous! Just eat some good seafood for me and I guess I'll be satisfied!

  2. You probably should be careful what you ask for. Mr. Mike will be on here very quickly with one of his aliases offering you anything you want. If this guy's jeans are $30, you might could get your pair for less than a good quilting ruler costs.

    More than likely he'll offer you the best beef jerky in Texas - made right in Littlefield.

    I can't wait to see the Jacob's outfit. Please share your progress/pattern/pictures.

  3. Comparing the price to the cost of a good quilting ruler made me laugh out loud! Is that with or without the 40% off coupon?? ha!

    We'd take beef jerky too...Tommy is a sucker for it but wouldn't buy it at the store the other day b/c "it cost way too much"! He would probably pay good money for it though if he knew it was the best in TX!!

  4. You'd better be emailing me your home address then. Tommy will be impressed at the jerky place - I believe the Waylon Jenning Museum is in the same store.

  5. Sorry the Waylon Jennings Museum is in Waymore's liquor store owned by Waylon niece, Darla Jennings. Waylon brother, James and his wife, Helen help with the store. You would be amazed at all the memorabilia in this store.