Friday, February 5, 2010

Lovely Friday

If anything could be nicer than a gloomy, rainy Friday, it has to be the opening of the new Joann's Fabrics store. A lot of us have been watching the progress of the store and the sign, and finally today the doors opened. It was raining pretty steadily, so there weren't too many people there early, but it was enough to have to take numbers to get fabric cut. I mainly wanted just to look around but never got past the quilting/fabric section. I had to pick Mama up at the beauty shop so was in a little bit of a rush but just had to go check it out. Huge store, brightly lit, lots of helpful salespeople. Of course, some of those were the supervisors (I think) wanting to make sure things were running smoothly. Not too many times does a well-dressed man offer to take my roll of fabric to the table and help me take a number. I can pretty much say that's never happened and probably won't again.

I never expect to see anyone I know because I still don't feel like Montgomery is my real town, just a temporary place, but I heard my name called, and there were Linda and Bobbie and their friend (I won't try to spell her name, but it sounds like Shotski - Schatzke?). It was so nice to see them again. They always cheer me up!

It was library day again, and I made that trip, luckily remembering to take my books/CDs this time. I can't even remember what I got, just a couple of audio books to listen to while I sew. Under the Dome is getting a little more interesting now. I've found some sympathetic characters and am interested in seeing who put the dome there and how it goes away - surely it will.

I talked to Debby, and she says Jacob is still waiting for surgery and is pretty miserable, mainly homesick and wanting to see his friends. I'm sure it's rough on him being cooped up and in pain and also rough for the family taking turns staying with him. Keep praying, and maybe he'll be back home soon.

It's now threatening to rain again, so I'm settling in to work for a couple of hours. Got pajamas on and a cat and a cup of good coffee on the desk.


  1. Is Jacob at Children's Hospital in B'ham? When Jenny was up there for her surgery, Jill and I used the Children's Harbor Family Center (1600 6th Ave. South, Suite 200) to get a few hours of rest. They have rooms where you can go for a few hours during the day to catch a nap. I think they also have food available and activities for family members who don't need to be in the patient's room for a long time. It was all free.
    What kind of surgery are they waiting to do?

  2. His mom and dad are staying at the Ronald McDonald House. I'll email.

  3. Just to let you know that I'am still praying for Jacob, and all of you.There's power in prayer! With Gods' help everything will turn out fine. It's all in his hands right now. My older sister was only suppose to live until Christmas, and by the Grace of God, she is still with us. She is home and the family is all pitching in to help take care of her. She is able to speak again, walk a little, and do some crocheting, which is her life also, like us with our quilting and hobbies. Just keep your faith dear, and all will be okay. God bless. I truly enjoy your blog, my dear.