Thursday, January 28, 2010

This week's happenings

I almost left a blank page, although I feel like something has happened.

Jacob has amazingly improved. They appreciate all the prayers. He's sitting up and talking to people and even asking to go home!. Although I think he has a long way to go, it's still something to celebrate.

I got my teeth cleaned and am free of the dentist for 6 more months - hopefully. It's usually a pleasant experience. Nice people. I had a new hygienist - new to me and probably plain old new because she acted like she was doing her dental hygienist final exam. Very painstaking - pun intended because she did cause a little of that. I figured with all the poking and prodding she did, she would be an enthusiastic flosser, so I was all prepared and tensed, but that was fine. Every few teeth though, she would go back and poke some more, which did make me tense up.

I went in Home Depot to get a dowel (stick?) for smocking, and the first thing I heard was just wild and noisy hammering. Sometimes they have classes for the public, and I always intend to try to go to one, but I think I would have been pulling my hair out within 10 minutes with this one. On the way out, I looked closer because if I had found anyone with a saw, I was going to get them to cut my dowel, but they were just still hammering. I think it was a class - maybe special needs kids - but young anyway, and they were building little birdhouses. Cute. Noisy, but cute.

Mama and I had the Dollar General experience yesterday. In Andalusia, she went in the "dollar store" pretty often to pick up little things and talks about it wistfully sometimes. She has been looking for a small plastic ruler for sewing and a pocket calendar for weeks, but we can't seem to find them. I checked Wal-Mart, Publix, Hallmark, Hancock Fabrics - everywhere I went this week - but found neither.

So we passed a Dollar General yesterday, and I asked if she wanted to go in there, and of course she did. She happily filled up her little basket, and I found the pocket calendars but no ruler. She then decided she needed a wall calender too. I could have gotten her a pretty one earlier if I had known, but all they had there were children's calendars. She said that was okay and got busy choosing which one. She stared a long time at Sponge Bob, but she finally put him back. She didn't pause over Dora at all but ended up chosing this one:

Blues Clues. I asked her if she was sure, that we could find another one later, and she said, "No, it matches my curtains." She hung it in her sewing/computer room, and it does look pretty good.

Littlefield is having "weather" today. Mike's weather report for today: We are supposed to receive today...thunder-snow and also thunder-sleet. It is raining hard right now and the wind is howling like a banshee.

And when it was over:

Here in Alabama, we have beautiful sunshine and a fairly warm day. Makes me want to go out and dig something.

Now 8 inches in Littlefield and still snowing.


  1. I´m glad he´s better!! I hope he get well soon.

  2. :) Happy news!!! Thank's God he is ok now.
    Love, Dina.