Friday, January 1, 2010

January 1, 2010

So much for creative titles this year.

I slept late on the first day of the new year - until about 8:30. The animals were sleepy too after being terrified of the fireworks last night and not being able to sleep all 22 hours of their day. The cats would slink around some but mostly stayed under beds and peeked out. Darby alternatively howled at the noise and cried like a wimpy little puppy. There weren't too many fireworks, mostly from the Secret Garden behind us. The ones I saw were pretty but not worth standing in the cold to watch.

It seems to have rained during the night, but it was a pleasant and fresh morning at 44 degrees. Unfortunately January becomes it's ugly self this week with the next 10 days having nighttime temps of less than 30. How I wish I could hibernate.

My day was spent working and putting up things and doing laundry. I kept my eyes on the AU-Northwestern score. It went up and down, but we ended up winning in OT.

Emily called this afternoon and asked for the peanut butter pie recipe from The Original Oyster house in Mobile for her little dinner tonight. She and I made it once and ended up doing interesting things (accidentally) with that oreo crust. No one complained though.

I'm having flashbacks of my favorite menu there: Mike's Grilled Shrimp, turnips greens with tasso ham, and red beans and rice. Wish I could snap my fingers and have it appear.

I have so many projects that I want to finish that I'm getting a little confused and discouraged. I'll try to make a list and pictures in the next few days.

I do have a book list. is a neat website. I'm not sure if I got it from Lydia or just if she is just also in it, but there is a way to categorize the books you've read and the ones you are currently reading as well as those you want to read. I'm trying to go back and remember some that I've read and put them on the list, but I'm quickly getting quite a long list that I want to read. You have to sign up for it, but you can see which of your friends are members and what they're reading.

I used to read constantly - anything and everything. I'm not sure why I slacked off so - the computer maybe? We've had a few discussions about Kindl, the electronic reading device, during the holidays. So many people are going that route, but I'm not sure it's for me. Like Emily asked, "Does it smell like a book?" We love holding the book, turning the pages, and, of course, the smell! As long as we can find something to read in bookstores and libraries, we'll probably not spend the money for it. Well, I can promise you I won't be spending that much money for it. I did get an MP3 player, and they've tried to explain it to me - how I can download audio books on it - but so far everything I hear about costs money. I'll use it though when I walk for music and radio. So cute and teeny.

Anyway. I'm right in the middle of The Time Traveler's Wife, and while it's confusing and a little frustrating, I am enjoying it. There are reviews on the Goodreads site. I like to have books recommended to me, but I like to form my opinions also, so I don't pay much attention to the reviews after I start reading a book. Debby and Lydia will keep me supplied with ideas, I'm sure. We mostly like the same things, it seems.

Emily left Twilight behind when she left. Jumping on the bandwagon last Christmas, I gave the 3 girls a copy of it. She is just now getting around to reading it and is a little embarrassed that she liked it - or parts of it. I've never thought I would read it, but since she left it, and it's just lying here..... well maybe.

I'm starting off being more boring than usual. Here are a few pictures from the holidays.

Enjoying stocking gifts:

Every Good Boy Does Fine.

Mexican corn dip always present.

Ryan having a quiet moment with the caramel cake.

Some ornaments Emily got from her grandmother Eleanor's collection.


  1. Thanks for sharing the Christmas photos! Glad you had a full house for the holidays!
    I like the Goodreads site but haven't put as much effort into as I'd like. The books on my TBR list are literally all piled up on my nightstand! I was hesitant about the Twilight series, but I'm on Book 3 now and thoroughly enjoying it. Tommy and I watched the movie of Twilight last night. I was much was left out of the movie from the book! You should give it a go. I never read Sci-Fi type stuff, but these are easy reads and quite enjoyable.
    You should also sign up at I LOVE this website. You sign up for free and then post books to 'trade'. When people request a book, you get a point and then you can 'spend' that point on another book on the site that you want. You pay nothing but shipping for books that are requested from you. I've been doing it all year and have never had a bad experience. They allow media mail shipping so it's usually about $2 per book. Much cheaper than the bookstore!

  2. Good ideas! I think you never sleep. Reading, sewing, cooking, taking care of a child. It amazes me. I might read 2 books a month!

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  4. HaHa...I fooled you about the cooking. That soup was a rare occasion! ;-)
    Also, just to make you feel better, I started the first Twilight book Christmas 2008 and finished it July 2009. I started the 2nd book shortly after that and it took me about 4 months to read that one. Reading usually gets put on the back burner, but I've accumulated so many books lately, that I try have to have good intentions.

  5. I feel better now. It's good to have a long to-be-read list. I'm terrified of ever becoming bored. I've listened to a bunch of books this year, but now I can't remember the names of them. In my life, I have read a lot of the classics, but I need to go back and read some of them again.