Saturday, January 9, 2010

I sometimes see "buttons" on the sidebars of people's blogs and have kind of vaguely wondered about them but had no idea where they got them or if I needed any.

Today when I was working on cleaning up my lists and things, I found a web site where Heidi is having a Friday Night Sew-in. Needing a motivator and interested in the things people all over the country are doing, I signed up. Not that I have to physically show up somewhere (no pressure) and that I actually have to do it, but it sounds kind of fun, so I think I'll dedicate that time for nothing but sewing. I know a few crafty ladies come here sometimes, so join up, and I can see what ya'll are doing too. But tell me so I'll know.

Of course, it took me long enough to figure out how to put a button on my sidebar for me to have spent many minutes on something productive. And I'm still not sure if I did it correctly. If you click on it, it goes to the correct web site anyway. I love looking at the beautiful things others make and hoping that I can ever have enough time to do some of them.

It's still bitterly cold. The bird bath is still frozen, and no animals will venture out more than a minute. Needless to say, all this togetherness is trying sometimes.

I have a cat, Stella the Terror, who hates me anyway, and she has it in for me lately. She's a control freak and waits until I'm sitting down and either working, reading, or sewing, to ask to go to the sunroom and from there to the garage to eat. I know this because I see her watching me. She will be lying on the rug dozing or watching me walk around, but as soon as I sit down and either put on my earphones or put my feet up or pick up a needle, she saunters over the door and rings her bell.

Or if I'm in the den, she scratches the carpet. Nothing makes me madder, and if I don't have anything to throw at her, I yell at her, but she's getting the attention she wants. She gives me this reproachful look, like she's saying, "I thought you wanted me to ring the bell." The trouble is, once she goes out, then it's just a matter of minutes before she's wanting back in again. I could ignore her, but then she scratches and bites the weather stripping. I've threatened her with taking her to the pound or getting her declawed, but she knows I'm bluffing. She's too cute.

I'm afraid it's beauty shop day for Mama, and that sometimes means a trip to Wal-Mart. On Saturday. I'd rather do almost anything, but hopefully it won't take long, and I'll be out of my misery before long.

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  1. A Sew Along! Sounds like fun...I'll have to check it out. Stay warm!!!