Saturday, December 5, 2009

December 5

My back still hurts. Not all the time but enough to make me gasp sometimes. If I could stay in bed, it would be fine or if I could just walk all the time. But getting up from working even for 15 minutes and especially getting out of the car is awful. Hopefully it will start to get better, and I can carry on.

The visitors yesterday made it. The realtor gave me a "window," which I don't really like. I want a call saying we're in your neighborhood and another one saying, "We're leaving your driveway." Unfortunately it doesn't work that way. I had a window of 3:00 to 3:30. I decided to be ready to go at 3 but to linger until 3:30 or we saw them drive up. At 3:25 I got a voice message saying they were running behind and would be there "within the hour." I waited another 30 minutes and then Mama, Darby, and I got in the car and rode around. I never get to do that and kind of enjoyed it. We came back after 30 minutes, and the driveway was empty. I went and looked on the counter for a card and didn't see one, so I called the realtor. He said, "We're just turning onto your street." So it was off for another 20 minutes. We then had to pass the house twice before we saw them leaving. They stayed about 30 minutes, which is better than walking in and leaving immediately, I guess.

My pictures are in a blurry stage again. I know nothing about photography, so I'm not sure what to do. Here are a few pictures that are less blurry than others.

My Christmas dishes are Christmas Tree by Cuthbertson. I don't think I would ever have worried about collecting any except that a friend just liked this salad plate and gave it to me one year.

Through the years, family and friends have given me different pieces, and now I have pretty much enough to go around. Good thing too, because Cuthbertson now has a red-bordered pattern and some more similar ones, but this particular one has been discontinued. I looked on and saw that I could pay $75 for a dinner plate if I wanted to match this one. I think I'll pass. Spode has a very similar pattern, and I might try to get a few more mugs.

Amazingly, these dishes were not destroyed in "the fire" we had in 1994 (I think). I had taken them down and put them on the breakfast room table the day before, and when I saw them after the fire, they were completely black. I tried cleaning one, and they cleaned up nicely. On the backs of some, you can see a little evidence - some brown spots, etc.

They go well with the runner my sister-in-law Kathy gave me. She looked over her aversion to cats just to present this to me, and we have enjoyed it.
Kathy made it a point to make sure I had Christmas things and through the years has helped me build up my collection. One of my favorites.

Speaking of cats (constantly, it seems), I enjoy this little plate. We've all found portraits of the cats we've owned somewhere in this group. Except for Maddy. There's just not one grumpy enough for her.

It makes me smile.

These napkins looked better before they were washed a few times, but I had fun doing them. There is a candy cane, a rocking horse, a wreath - 8 of them anyway. One year, I was working frantically to finish the last one before our dinner, and Sherry had to bail me out on a particular color of green that I was out of.

I'll add some more pictures when I figure out how to make them clearer.

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