Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 13

Just for the sake of posting something, I have to say that I can't remember when it's poured rain for so many hours before. I've loved it usually because I could stay inside. But when I took Mama to the beauty shop yesterday, it was really coming down plus being windy and cold. I had my list made and was going to pick up a few small things while she was there and finish everything I had to do. No shopping this year, but I did need some coffee and votives and tissue paper for Mama, little aggravating things I think about but always forget. Battery-powered lights. Some narcissus bulbs (I think I may have waited way too late!)

So I dropped her off and went to the East Chase area, picked up her Birmingham News and went and parked in front of Michael's. I was already regretting not picking up the umbrella and kind of talking myself out of going in when I looked over for my purse - and looked and looked. Nowhere to be seen. Easy decision - back home -- carefully. As we had gotten into the car, I had set my purse down to go make sure the sunroom door was closed before I raised the garage door so as not to set a little black dog free to run in the rain. And there it sat when I got home, on the shelf in the garage.

Instead of picking it up along with the umbrella and going back out, I just kind of wandered into the kitchen and warmed up a bowl of Gaby's punch and sat down to knit awhile. I thoroughly enjoyed that for about an hour and then regretted for 24 hours not getting those errands done.

Here's an endorsement and picture from Lydia of the taco soup:

I made the soup last night (sans goat head) and it was sooooo good. I had a couple of modifications because I'm a little scatterbrained! I subbed Publix brand whole kernel sweet corn for the shoepeg corn. I also totally forgot about the beans and had to get Tommy to bring some on the way home. We ended up with one can of kidney and one can of pinto! I also put shredded cheese and sour cream on top and served with Tostitos Scoops. It's been a long time since I fixed something new that Tommy enthusiastically said was "really good" so THANK YOU!

I believe sour cream on top is a perfect addition. I froze 8 little cartons of the soup for when company gets here, and I'll be sure to have some sour cream available as well as cheese.

I like those plates too - kind of Frank Lloyd Wright-ish. What pattern are they, Lydia?

I did make the decision not to put up the trees. I can't believe I typed that. But once I decided it, I realized no one cares. Elise and Mike don't. Emily and Ryan won't get here until Christmas night. (Elise said to tell them we already took it down.) I think we have enough festivity - good smells and sounds and plenty of holly and shiny balls. And candles. I might not even put wreaths out front. Just one on the door. So there.

And since I'm not going to have a pretty house, here's my little tree and front porch from Greensboro a few years ago. I had to enlarge it to see what the green lights are at the bottom of the doorway. Double-click and you'll see.
Emily helping herself to some wassail. This was the living room in Columbus. I have the exact same furniture, just a different house. Pretend this is what my house looks like today.


  1. Love the Christmas photos, even if they are from years past!
    Thanks for the compliment on my china. It's Gramercy Park by Kate Spade for Lenox. We use it as our everyday china and I still LOVE it after 4 years. Perfect pattern for the Wright family, consisting of an engineer and designer. ha!

  2. It IS perfect. And I didn't even catch the Wright connection! Very different and very nice pattern.

    I was hoping to post some Christmas pictures from waaayy back, but I'm too lazy to go dig out the pictures that I carefully packed away when I went on my cleaning spree.