Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November Morning

Today is a good day to stay inside. I would have a fire if I had anyone else to enjoy it with me and if I had time. Today is Thanksgiving cooking, and I had been gathering the ingredients all week so as not to have to go out today. Then last night I discovered I didn't have rice. RICE. I never don't have rice. So it's back to Publix again.

Even though the maple tree has lost most of it's leaves, this little shoot still puts on a mini show. And what is this? I do believe it's a camellia.

It has never bloomed before in the years I've lived here. It must be that I pruned it at the wrong time and that I neglected it this year. Pretty though. And lots more to come.

Mike is on his way to Seattle today to spend Thanksgiving with Emily and Ryan in Issaquah. Wish I could be there. They'll have a wonderful time. It's Gantt and a lake feast for Mama and me tomorrow.

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