Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where did October go?

I wanted to enjoy October. It's my favorite month, and it just got here, but I just got preoccupied and forget to notice. I have a birthday card to buy today. Cynthia the realtor is coming in a few minutes to talk about how little money this house will bring if it sells. Luckily, there's no hurry, but it does mean that I have to keep things in showing condition all the time. That's okay for a month or 2, but I'm not sure how I'll handle it for months.

Happier things.

My friend Molly sent me these pictures of her daughter Hannah taken on Homecoming at her school. She was about 3 years old the last time I saw her, and she's grown into such a beautiful girl. The friend on the left is Jessica and the one on the right is Kayla. The girls are in the 9th grade, so there's lots of fun to be had the next few years.

They are SO cute. Almost makes me wish Elise and Emily were in high school again. Almost.

Also cute but in a kind of --- smaller way are Bella and Koko (not Coco). We thought a dog named Coco should be the brown one, but Koko is white, Bella is brown. They are the "children" of Doris and Jaime who have just moved to Littlefield from Mexico City. When Mike sent me the pictures, I could tell how much he loved telling me all about which were their little pajamas and which were their "everyday" clothes. I wonder if they'll dress up for Halloween.

Doris and Jaime from Mexico, Nicaragua, and now Texas.

I took these pictures the day after the furniture was delivered. It was shipped from Nicaragua, and I'm pretty sure Littlefield has never seen anything like this. It's absolutely beautiful and very heavy. The table was carved from one piece of wood from a very old tree. I can't wait to see the rest of the things.

The house is amazing too. It was a small dark house that had not been updated in years, but their landlord took down walls and painted and replaced, and it's just a cheerful and cozy home now.

Tomorrow I'll take pictures of my fall decorations. Maybe that will cheer me up from thinking about house-selling.


  1. i'll have to take a picture of rico in HIS everyday clothes...

  2. Please do! Does he have his little hiking boots yet? I bet Griff does.

    Bella and Jack only need pajamas, right?