Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Love Surprises

Like this one:

It's the coffee maker I've been hinting for begging for mentioning for about 3 months ever since I had the coffee from Debby's brewer at the beach. Mike told me I could have one and/or a GPS for Christmas, but it seems he and Debby have been conspiring in the meantime, and the Fed Ex man surprised me this morning with an early birthday present.

Here it is doing what it's supposed to. And what a perfect day for it. I had lunch with Debby at Panera just now, and it was raining so hard we felt like drowned rats. Panera's nice hot soup did wonders to perk us up though.

And now for my first cup of Vermont Country Blend.

Just as good as I remembered.

These were the coffees/teas in the sampler pack that came with it. I made Mama a cup of green tea, and she loved it. It was even hot enough for her. Uh-oh, looks like I'm going to have to share!

In addition to the sampler, there was a separate box filled with all these goodies, even hot chocolate. I see my old coffee maker pouting back there. It will still get used sometimes, I'm sure.

This was such a good suprise. What a nice husband. But he's like that.
I think I'll keep him around. Debby too.


  1. Oh my gosh!!! I'm so jealous! ;-)
    That is such an awesome gift. What a good hubby you have!!
    When is your birthday?

  2. Ohhh, this made my day! I'm so happy you got it. That was really, really sweet! He's a keeper.... but you already knew that, huh? =) And Debby sure is a sweetie, too. You'll love it! Great pictures of the coffee brewing. I can't decide on my favorite coffee flavor- love this one cappuccino flavor that I have. It's about time for me to order more coffee for fall weather, too.

  3. Becky~~I have to tell you~~you deserve your new coffee maker!!! You're the best cousin ever~~and Mike is truly a great husband!! I love you both, Debby

  4. Waiting for Mike to come receive all this praise in that humble way he has .......................

    It has been a nice gift. I go for years not really "wanting" anything, so this was fun.

  5. I'm not sure what she meant about receiving the praise "in that humble way he has". I try to be humble; goodness knows I have *tried*.

    As to the coffeemaker, I am glad it seems to have been appropriate. Debby knew all about this, and really was the one that caused it to happen.

    I was lucky that my favorite store here in Littlefield carried this particular brand of coffeemaker, and were willing to ship to Becky in Alabama. Its truly my favorite place to shop out here: Heinie's Tires and Appliances. Owned and operated by the nice Heinie family.

    I deal with the two brothers that actually run the store: Thor and Big Red.

    I was really worried that they couldn't get it delivered to Alabama this week before Becky left for Texas. But Thor said to me: "We will ship that coffeemaker and Miss Becky will have it on Wednesday of this week, or my name is not Thor Heinie". Big Red agreed also. So nice to deal with people like that.


  6. I love way Thor and Big Red brought it in all the way from Littlefield themselves, barreling down Forest Edge terrifying possums and cats. Mama thought it was her Avon order and almost slammed the door in their faces when it wasn't. I invited them in and let them sample some of the Taste of Vermont Country Blend. They decided if I would serve them coffee every day, they would wait and let Darby and me ride with them to save money on gas. How I will get home is up for grabs. I may just stay.

  7. Wow!!! So you will prepare nice capuccinos; let me know if you put some cinamon or cardamom in the filter for an arabic flavor.
    Happy early birthday to you sweet Becky!!

  8. Gaby, I might try the cinnamon or cardamom. The one I had today was blueberry something, and I put that on my "do not buy again" list.

    Lydia, my birthday is the 26th. I'll be in TX, so my surprise party will have to be there.