Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Friends

On my trip to Andalusia, I timed it so I could get to the barbecue place in Georgiana after 10 to pick up some food for mine and Roy's lunch. I got a late start and then just as I drove up, I realized they don't take credit or debit cards. I'm not sure about checks because I didn't have a checkbook and had only $4.00. I decided to ask anyway and was going on to Plan B - probably Pizza Hut - when this nice man told me there was an ATM machine in the service station next door. I detest paying that service charge, but this was kind of an emergency, so I went and got some cash.

In the meantime, a car drove up with two nice ladies and their dogs. I got permission to take some pictures and found out their names are Cotton and Omar the Gangster. Guess which one is which. I think they said Omar was rescued from a harder life then he has now. He looks like he's seen a lot in his life, but he was a sweetie. Cotton was also, but I never saw his eyes well enough to tell if he was being sincere or just buttering me up for some barbecue. I love that sweet face.

Roy and I had the barbecue for lunch along with some peach cobbler and ice cream and had a nice visit. We agreed that we miss Emily being close by and that it's a pain to keep up a yard and house day by day - like curling tile, missing thresholds, and dying trees. I came close to messing up his computer by trying to change a calendar but had a good save, and I did enjoy the afternoon.

I drove back by Gantt to meet Debby so she could show me around her new house. I didn't take any more pictures of the inside because I already posted some earlier, and she's unpacking, but she's putting her touch inside, and it's going to be great - pretty and comfortable with great views. Here are some outside views. I don't think I even took one of the gazebo, but it got moved from Luverne and looks right at home beside the water.

Can't wait for an invitation to a girl's night - staying up late gabbing and eating and laughing and waking up to have coffee on the patio and reading and doing nothing all day. This might be even better than the beach - and a lot closer. Plus Gus will be there!

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