Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Still Alive

I have serious blogger's block.

It's not like things aren't happening. It's just that I'm too exhausted or lethargic or something to write them. I also left my camera battery charger in the condo last weekend - NOT in the outlet - I had a reminder not to do that - but it's tiny, and it's either hiding in one of my bags or in the never-never land of the Island Princess lost and found. So I just ordered a new one, and it should be here in a day or so.

I'm not sure whether a camera would have been a good thing to have Monday in Mobile on moving day. Once again, working with four 20- and 30-somethings reinforced the fact that I was twice their age, and the things that looked impossible to me (loading a whole apartment into a U-Haul and 2 cars) was just a fun challenge to them. I like to think cleaning the tubs and appliances and sitting on the couch with my feet up and making suggestions was a help; that is, until the couch got packed. They stayed amazingly cheerful all day and made me laugh.

They did a great job and drove from Andalusia to past St. Louis yesterday. I kept hinting around they needed to stop, but they kept reassuring me they weren't tired. I'm looking forward to hearing the progress today. Sioux Falls will be so welcome when they get there this afternoon. It will be a good chance to spend some time with Ryan's folks, take showers, let the dogs run around, and rest. I do need a picture of the wagon train: Ryan and Griff in the U-Haul towing one car - which is filled as tight as possible with things - bikes on the back. They kind of wanted to tie a rocking chair on top of the car for the visual appeal but decided against it. Then Emily in her packed-to-the-ceiling car with lots of plants and Jack, the plant-eating cat. Karen met them in Birmingham with Rico and Bella, and I can just imagine how packed her car is.

I'm trying not to worry, but that's what I do best. I'll try to catch up later this week.

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