Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day Before the Beach Trip

This week can't have been as dull as it seems, but I guess it must have been since nothing comes to mind to wrap up the week.

I've come down from my high of winning a bag pattern - or winning anything at all.

I did fail to win Emily a planner/scheduler for her busy life. I certainly don't have any use for it. If I ever got around to writing anything in it, I would lose it.

I've done nothing crafty all week except pack enough projects to last me for 2 weeks at the beach when we're really just spending 2 nights. I never want to be unprepared. After working four 10-hour days, I may just sleep for the first 10 hours we're there, and I probably won't get any argument from Debby. Emily will come over on Saturday, and we'll have to liven up a little - maybe. She's been packing like crazy so she will probably enjoy some relaxation too. Whatever we do, it will just be good to get away for a few days.

When I get back, I should have some more pictures of Emily, Ryan, and Karen's gray house. Isn't it cute?
Also I need to get some pictures of Debby's new Lake House, preferably taken by me - from the boat - in the middle of the lake.

Elise has a new job in Lubbock at a counseling center. More details later - when she tells them to me.

Mike might not be going back to Dixie's, Too eating establishment in Littlefield. I must have missed that when I was there. I thought there was only a Pizza Hut and Cowpa's Barbecue, but I believe it has grown to include a McDonald's also.

I know I will come back Sunday with a whole lot more imagination and maybe some pictures, but until then I guess I might need to pack something besides yarn and Milo's tea. Or do I?


  1. Becky, this is a voice from your past....Linda and Harry Crews. I was reading the Class of '66 blog and your brother had put your blog address on here I am! Every class reunion we have we love for the two of you to show up. It is such a joy to see that you are quilting and still crocheting. Do yur remember the little pink sweater you crocheted for our daughter Angie, when she was first born in 1970? I kept it all these years and our first granddaughter, Summer, (who is now 17 years old!) wore it and then our second graddaughter, Hanna, (now 7 years old) has also worn it. Angie now has that 39 year old sweater in her keepsakes box!

    We've lived in Melbourne, Fl for 24 years - since Harry retired from the Air Force. We both just recently retired and plan to do some traveling. We leave for an Alaskan cruise next Tuesday - I am so excited!!!

    Our email address is Let us hear from you sometime.

  2. i don't want to be home. throwing away. packing up. (take out those two middle words and you have what daddy did the other night. awww.) pretending to be productive while just reading old cards and looking at old pictures.
    i require santa rosa blvd time NOW.
    thanks for letting me join y'all.