Friday, June 5, 2009

Transformation - Lower Terrace

As mentioned before, the site of the wedding was the home of a most gracious couple in Atlanta, Bill and Marilyn, parents of Emily's friend Meghan. In a weak moment last February, Marilyn mentioned that Emily could use their garden for a "small" wedding since their house was going to be on the Inman Park house tour and they would be preparing for that. Things didn't work out just exactly like that - the numbers grew, the plans got more complicated, the grass didn't cooperate soon enough - but we will be forever grateful to Marilyn and Bill for their patience and understanding during these 3 months.

The house is beautiful on its own, but with the help of Dottie and the landscapers, the grounds soon became a showplace. Here are some before and after pictures.This terrace, while pretty and cozy, didn't exactly give you visions of a wedding taking place there. But Emily loved it and saw the possibilities.

So many people pitched in to make it happen. Ryan washed the moss off the bricks. Meghan had the idea of hanging sheer curtains to soften the carriage house windows and fence. Bill, Marilyn, and Cheryl worked to build the hanging greenery panel on the chimney. Millie, Paula, Lisa, and Kathy cleaned and arranged the chairs. Marilyn even made a trip to Home Depot to get just the right plants for the planters. And those lights and lanterns. I can't tell you how many times my heart stopped when I saw people standing on stools and ladders putting those up. I know of only one accident (minor, it seems) involving a bar stool and mossy bricks and some bruises but no broken bones. This is what the transforming looked like

I'm sure I must have helped. Surely, I did. I think I set up a few chairs and fussed around with them, maybe washed 3 of them. I helped hold the ladder for Paula to hang lanterns, briefly. I nodded approvingly at everything and may have made a suggestion or 2. I cringed at the ladders and light-hanging. I think I was very useful. I may not have said it enough, but I do appreciate every little thing that all these folks did. And the big things, like taking that heavy outdoor furniture around behind the carriage house. It took a lot of brainstorming, muscle, and sweat, but it was worth it. It was perfect.

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