Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Magic Cream

Today was my dermatologist appointment that my doctor had made for me back in April . I had had a little bump on my nose that wouldn't go away that kept flaking and crusting and being annoying. I was afraid it was going to be a big mess for the wedding, but it almost disappeared for a month of so. I still wanted it checked, and when I went in today, the doctor said it was a "possible precanerous lesion." I've typed those words many times, but I didn't especially like hearing it said about my own nose. He said I had two choices: I could have him freeze it and it wouldn't hurt much (I wanted to hear, "doesn't hurt at all") or I could try some cream. I brightened up at that, and he said, "If the cream doesn't work or is too expensive, we'll freeze it at that point." The fact that he mentioned cost set off some alarms, so I asked how the two compared in price. He said the freezing was around $60 to $90 and the cream was $170. Must be some magic cream. I said, "Bring out the freeze gun." It didn't hurt at all, maybe a twinge, but I was afraid there would be this black spot on my nose. So far, so good, just a little red. Now we have to hope it just fades away.

After the neighborhood crime events, I considered getting an alarm system but kind of didn't call about it. I don't feel in any danger in the neighborhood, but at night when it's dark and quiet in the house, I wake up knowing I've heard an unfamiliar noise and get nervous. I can't send Mike down the hall to check for me. It's now up to me to try to get my eyes on a door to make sure it's closed without being seen. I'm sure the noises are cat and dog adventures. They all sleep in the sunroom, but sometimes it sounds like playtime out there. I just don't like to be awakened from a deep sleep to a crash, even if it is cat-induced.

So when the ADT guy came by yesterday, I listened to him, and we talked about it, and I think I'll sleep better if we have an alarm system. We probably won't have it on much during the day to avoid false alarms, but it will be nice to have when we go out of town too.

Blogs are boring without pictures (and mine sometimes with), so I managed to beg some from Sherry. She sent these of the quilt that's going to be in Quilt Sampler magazine this fall. She did the quilting. She's very good.

This is one that she's made but not quilted yet. I can't imagine getting something like that accomplished. It's beautiful.
I won't talk about my progress on my scrappy quilt too much, but I did move some triangles around and cut about 20 more to add to the pile. Maybe I'll take a picture tomorrow for Elise's approval.

Debby's going to be in town tomorrow and is coming by. We'll go to lunch and anywhere else we think of; that's a nice thing to look forward to. Probably the most exciting thing I'll do this holiday week. But who knows?

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