Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What I Did Today

1. Got all the squares to the quilt finished and one big square put together. Amazing! Every square matched up.

BUT - this is just one of 4. I wonder if I could get by with giving a mini-quilt. I think the other 3 will go together ok - positive thinking. I have a quilter who has graciously agreed to get it done for me by the 23rd if I can have it to her by the 18th. That includes having the backing and batting pressed and ready. Oh, and this thing has borders too. Forgot about that. I usually love to do bindings, but I'm going to let her do them this time and put a hanging sleeve on the back. I've even had Mama clipping threads on the back for me. I guess I'll take a stack to Mobile and clip away this weekend.

2. Worked. The third of my four 10-hour days. They get long, but it will be worth it to be off 3 whole days!

3. Enjoyed storms all day. Nothing exciting but lots of rain and a little lightning. I'm hearing the thunder from the next round coming.

4. Tried to talk to Emily this morning. She's a little spacey from all the studying and all the celebrating last night. Sadly, Ryan's grandmother died yesterday, his Dad's mother. It wasn't unexpected but sad nevertheless.

Tomorrow will be filled with work and appointments and packing and who knows what else. Unfortunately probably not much quilting. I'm leaving early on Friday and hope to spend some time with Emily before Mike and Elise get there. I think all of us are looking forward to just relaxing and celebrating the end of school and not thinking about the wedding - until maybe Sunday.


  1. Becky--it is just beautiful. What a gorgeous Latte quilt. You make me want to make one now. If I only had the time.
    We are headed out for Kansas City on Saturday and have so much to do.I should be quilting.

  2. Thanks. After all my fussing, I'm now thinking I might like to do another one without being under pressure. I feel like I finally relaxed at the end with those little strips. I'm going to try to find some more of these fabrics before they quit making them. That's my favorite part - the neutrals.

    Drive carefully in the kitty-van and have a good time.

  3. Mama! That is the most beautiful quilt....really, it's gorgeous! It should be hanging on a wall, on one of those nice "quilt racks" (is that the correct term?). Anyway, you know I prefer jewel tones, but these neutrals worked beautifully together....I'm so proud of my mom!!! Now if only I had inherited the sewing genes....woe is me! Love you much, and see you soon, Elise

  4. Absolutely incredible work of art!!! I hope you are so proud of yourself because that is gorgeous!!

  5. Thanks, ya'll. It is deceptive because it is so easy (concept, that is) and it does make a good show. That's what made me drool over it when I saw it finished in the quit shop. I won't pat myself on the back until I get the other 3 panels to fit! If all else fails, I'll just bind this piece and have small wall-hanging. Hey, that's a great idea. It could even be framed under glass. Then I would have 4!

  6. Hi, I agree with everyone else on the quilt it is really beautiful. Yes you should be proud of your work and no you need to finish it and have it quilted. Take care drive safe and have a wonderful time. Please pass my congrats to Emily on her up coming graduation and wedding. Barbara

  7. Thanks, Barbara. You could come down next week, and we could do an assembly line - pinning, sewing, pressing, and clipping. We'll have to talk about the Kudzu classes this summer. I've been kinda looking at them. We'll talk fun things again one day - I promise.

  8. mom, that's sweet! they'll love it. or you can gift it to me. your call. hee.