Monday, April 13, 2009


Elise was worried that anyone who saw the clown pictures from a few days ago would think she really looked like that all the time, so I promised her cuteness, and here it is. I hope she agrees with what my favorites are.
Sweet baby. With her hand-me-down mobile and hand-me-down crib but her own lacy socks and pink dress, humoring yet another dress-up session, and behind her "Lisey's Lamb," also her very own. I notice no crib bumpers or coordinated bedding like is necessary now. I guess they just had to bump their heads. You can tell who took what pictures. This was about the time Mike got interested into photography and did some beautiful work. The off-center snapshots are the ones I took. This was the year she was a mascot for Gray's little football team - the Wams (before speech therapy with Mrs. Newman). By the way, I made that outfit. It was not easy. In fact, it was one of the hardest things I had ever tried to do. The skirt had little pleats all around, and I agonized over it for days. A good thing is that those are press-on letters and didn't have to be cut out and appliqued. She also had her name in press-on letters on the seat of her pants. No picture of that though. One of many cat-holding, cat-squeezing, cat-loving, cat-torturing pictures that we have of Elise. Probably the only one of her sitting on a pumpkin though. Sam the Cat, brought in a box from N. Georgia by the same friend I made the fisherman knit sweater for. Long-suffering Sam. I don't know who this pinched-face little beauty was - one of many in the parade of cats and dogs through the Monroe Street years. I'm thinking Daisy, but that's probably not right. No animals were more loved than they were in her arms - loved half to death, it looks like. I remember thinking as she left to sell Girl Scout cookies that day that it would be hard to resist buying cookies when that face looked up at you with the front teeth missing. And anyone who sees that wallpaper and lived in that house is bound to get a lump in his throat. Those were the days. I have no taste now and didn't then, but we thought it was so pretty.
This is one of Mike's masterpieces. He was/is quite a photographer, and one day he's going to have time to get back into it. He would take the girls and their friends and the neighbor's children to various parks, put them in trees and roll them down hills, and take the most beautiful pictures. I have many more like this, but my time has run out. I don't think anyone could think this was not a beautiful child. And still is.

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  1. Such a beautiful little girl!! (Elise-I hope you read this!!)
    Such beautiful photos as well. Mike is so talented!

    Question for you Becky--which was harder to sew...the little Rams uniform or the current quilt masterpiece???!