Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sherry's List of 25

This list belongs to my cousin Sherry. I tagged her, but since her blog is on her employer's web site, I asked her to put this in my comments. I loved reading it and learned a lot! Go to her blog though for some beautiful cats and quilts.


Good Grief !!! I can't think of 5 things to list about me, much less 25! Certainly none of them are interesting--but I'll try and see how far I get.
1. I am a cat person. We currently have 4
(Bentley, Finnegan, Nicholas and Jonathan)and
have had up to 6 cats at different times.

2. Our cats have all been spoiled indoor cats
and live to about 19. We have them cremated
and keep their ashes in a curio cabinet with
their picture. Wierd huh?

3. I didn"t get my first cat until I was
31.She was a birthday gift from David who is
responsible for my being a cat person.

4. David is my DH (Dear Honey). We have been
together for about 28 very happy years (only
because he puts up with me).

5 David has 4 grown children and I have one, so
together there are 5. Their ages range from 43
to 30. He has 5 grandchildren and we just
found out his oldest son and DIL are having
twins in August. The grandchildren call me
"Ya-Ya"(and we're not even Greek).

6. Although I was born in Montgomery, I grew up
in Miami and lived in Florida until 5 yrs ago
when I moved to TN.

7. I met David while working in Orlando and I
thought he was the biggest jerk I ever met. I
was very quiet and serious and he was trying
to be funny and talk to me. I'm sure I
gave him the "go jump in the lake" look.
Lucky for me, he persisted.

8. I worked as an Oncology Administrator,
retiring 2 yrs ago. I started out as a
radiographer (RT)and as part of my clinicals
had to spend time in oncology (radiation
therpy)and loved it. I became a radiation
therapist(RTT)and then a medical
dosimetrist (CMD). I worked as a CMD for
about 20+ yrs and became the director of a
Comprehensive Cancer Center.I decided to go
back to school for my Masters in
Health Services Admin. about 10+ yrs ago.

9. I used to be very involved in the American
Association of Medical Dosimetrists having
organized the annual national educational
meeting and serving as Co-Chair of the
education committee for 4.5 yrs. We initiated
the implemetation of the certification exam
for medical dosimetrists, which was a very
new profession at the time. All this while I
was a divorced,single parent of a 3 yr old.
As you can image I burned myself out and now
am lucky to lift the AAMD journal, much less
read it. I am still a registered CMD and RTT.

10. As part of my career I was lucky to work
with some great hospitals and great people.
I was involved in planning and building (and
in one case- designing)3 new cancer centers.
One was 30,000 sq ft and was built and
equipped in 4 months. It went up like a
rocket. David was actually treated there
about 7 yrs ago for vocal cord cancer.

11. Three of my cats were named after physicians
I knew based on their personalities.

12. Sewing, knitting and quilting were always my
stress relievers.I'm not that good at any of
them, but I love them and just keep at it.

13. I taught myself to knit after buying a
little booklet that gave instructions on
knitting, crochet, tatting and embroidery.
It cost 25 cents. I never learned to tat or

14.I have always loved fabric, and yarn. I am a
collector, which is another work for pack rat.

15. I used to make all of the clothes I wore to
work, including my underwear. Now, that I
am retired I am too busy quilting.

16. I never liked to garden when living in Fl.It
was too hot and the same boring plants and I
am not good at it. I love irises and the
flowers in TN. I keep them planting anyway.

17. We bought a 32ft motor home last yr and are
planning a trip to Alaska (with our 4 cats
of course) this summer. Maybe we'll actually
do it.

18. I'm not a good housekeeper. It just doesn't
seem important to me. I used to be better at
it (or care more).

19. I can't sit in front of a TV and just watch.
I have to be doing something else at the
same time (knitting, computing, quilting,

20. I don't exercise. I need to.

21. I work one day a week at the local quilt
shop. I love the people and interaction
there, but I don't socialize unless I have
to. I like staying home barefoot for days,
sewing, quilting and knitting.

22. I do Sudoko puzzles at night before I go to
sleep. I used to read a lot, but now it just
puts me to sleep.

Boy -this is hard--and boring!!!

23. I'm a morning person. I used to be a
morning person and a late night person(old
age gets you every time).

24. I once saw The Beatles in person and still
have the ticket stub from the concert.

25. I'm not a big breakfast person. David likes
the big country breakfast with eggs, ham,
bacon, potatoes and biscuits. Just give me
coffee and a Nature Valley breakfast bar.
He likes to cook--I couldn't be bothered.
So I let him do most of the cooking. He
even bought himself a shirt that says "I do
the cooking, She does the quilting". That
about sums it up.

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  1. Hi, Mom. You and Sherry aren't cousins, are you? I love the fact that you guys passed down the catperson thing to me. Sherry, I remember Ryan being such a fun little friend, happy and always laughing, and smart too. Any recent pics of him? Not much going on today in Littlefield. I hate that when I adopted my cat that she didn't have a name, because all she'll respond to now is "Kitty"....what her owner called her. She deserves an unique name. All cats do, wouldn't you agree? Unfortunately, if I had to name her today, I might call her "Medusa". In her little mind, she thinks that the tie around my bathrobe is a snake, and attacks it (me!) whenever she gets the chance. She's going to be 2 this summer, so I guess I should enjoy her present kittenhood while it lasts. Hope all is well with everyone. Love you, Mama. Elise