Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lovely Sunday

Beautiful day, beautiful music at church. We did have to endure several choruses with trumpet and strings accompaniment, but it was all forgotten with the choir's special, beginning with a solo from a young lady with an amazing voice and ending with an arrangment of "Spirit of the Living God, Fall Fresh on Me."

A nice change today was the sermon by "Brother Billy." Our pastor had knee surgery, so we had a guest speaker. I had seen this man welcoming us at the door, but it wasn't until he started to speak that I realized that he was the one who does the closing prayer many times. I find myself looking forward to those prayers, which are mini-sermons in themselves. He will start off with something like, "Now you know I love you, God..." and commence to just have a conversation with God. I thoroughly enjoyed this sermon. I believe he is a retired pastor with a lot of the "fire and brimstone" characteristics of earlier times. Daddy would absolutely have loved sitting in church listening to him; in fact, when we sang, "The Old Rugged Cross," I could almost hear Daddy's voice and feel his presence.

As I mentioned, the sun is shining, and all's right with the world - except I have 8 hours of work ahead of me. But that's not an entirely bad thing. I'm happy to have a job. I saw just the teeniest pale green leaves of my fluffy white clematis on the way in awhile ago. It looked like just a bundle of brown vines, but it never fails to come to life again. February does that to you - gives you that promise of spring - not immediately - but not as far away as it used to be.

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  1. I love that hymn too! Glad you are having a good day. My son was able to play outside with my husband while I went to the grocery store-by myself! What a treat for everyone!