Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Daffodils and Martha

I hate having unpleasant things to do. But with my new project calling me, I decided to get the dirty work over with first: Calling the insurance company about a mixup in my number and taking that serger back to Hancock's and getting the tax stuff copied and sent to Mike were on my list.

I packed up the "bad" serger and got it ready to go back to Hancock. I really dreaded it because it's not always the greatest shopping experience there. Besides that, I couldn't find the receipt (it was bought in November, and I wouldn't be able to find a receipt from yesterday), but I did have the credit card bill, which didn't say that I had bought a serger, just the amount I had paid. I had already figured out that there would be questions and clucking and such, so I left the machine in the car and went to find someone named Martha. Once Martha found out the sewing teacher had declared it "bad," she hardly looked at the credit card receipt. She was more than glad to make the exchange and apologized profusely for my problem. She's always been pleasant, but I didn't know her name before. One of the few there with a sense of humor. Made me want to spend more money in there. I didn't. I did look over my shoulder once or twice on the way out.

I was almost looking for an excuse not to come home. I just wanted to drive and drive and enjoy the beautiful day. This is what I saw when I got home. I don't remember it blooming last year. probably one of the plants transplanted from Midland that's just now getting over the trauma of moving (like me).


  1. What a nice suprise to see the daffoldil blooming. They always remind me of my Mother and her flowers. Glad your trip to get a new serger went well and I well understand the need of wanting to be outside on such a beautiful day. Enjoy your new serger. Barbara

  2. Hi, Barbara. I'm approaching it slowly - sneaking up on it. Don't have time to play with it today.