Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Terrible horrible very bad day

I was just thinking yesterday of how it's about time for the newness of the New Year to turn into real life when it happened overnight. The exterminator came around 2:00 yesterday, and I let Darby in to keep her from barking at him. I let her out again when I started to work at 5:00, and Mama heard her a little bit later barking at people walking down our sidewalk. I went out, and we tried to coax her in (as usual), and she would have none of it (as usual). She just took off enjoying her freedom and being her usual obnoxious self. I worked until 9, checking every once in a while to see if she had come back, but I didn't see her at the back door. Finally at 10:00 or so, I found her on the front porch all huddled up and shivering. She seemed ok but then this morning she couldn't stand up and snapped at me when I touched her back legs. So I called the vet, managed to gather her up in towels, and take her in. She had some pretty rough looking places on her stomach. I couldn't stand to look very hard. Dr. Golden called this afternoon and said she did have a broken pelvis but that that was the best kind of break to have. She most likely was hit by a car and maybe dragged or run over. They kept her overnight to watch for internal bleeding and kidney failure, but we should know how she is in the morning. She didn't seem to be sick, just hurting a lot, so we're hoping she's okay. Before I left her at the vet's office, she put her head on my shoulder and snuggled and licked my ear. Such sweet eyes.

THEN my computer died again. It's been trying to tell me for a few days. I guess when the picture goes black and there's a beeping noise, it couldn't be much clearer. I kept ignoring it though and thinking it would somehow heal itself if I ignored it. I changed monitors, hoping it was something that simple, but still no picture. I did all the tricks that I read about on line, unplugging it, holding down the CTL button while I tapped the desk 20 times (just made that up), but it stayed silent. After working for about 2 hours, just as I was sending a report, my work computer screen filled with black and green stripes. Panic. I turned it off and back on, and it was fine. I guess it was just having sympathetic blackouts. About the same time, I started smelling this burning smell, you know the one where it smells like an electric cord is burning. I looked at all the connections and sniffed around my work computer but couldn't identify anything. Then I bent down to my poor dying computer, and the smell was coming from it. So I unplugged it and said my final good-byes and got on the Dell web site. I'm asking advice from Ryan and wondering if I should just go to Wal-Mart and get the cheapest thing I can find. Surely, it'll last me a year or so.

Here's hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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