Monday, January 12, 2009

Puppy and Computer Progress

Darby seems to be perking up some now that I started her steroids (?) back. I think that helped with the pain but also seemed to be what was causing her stomach problems, so I was supposed to leave them off for 3 days. After 2 days of seeming to be in a stupor (her, not me, although that's debatable), I decided to give half a dose of the steroid this morning, and within an hour she was up wagging her tail and wanting to go outside to lie in the sunshine. That's magic stuff. I'll just have to try to not give it on an empty stomach and a smaller dose. I'm wondering what a drop in my coffee might do to perk me up. Just kidding!!

I got 2 computer estimates today and want to run them past Ryan and check out the Dell website. Really nice man at Computer Renaissance near here told me what I needed to hear and didn't talk down to me. I'd like to keep from having to go back downtown, although the guys there are really nice. I might go there tomorrow just to cover all my bases. Hopefully, I'll have something up and running by the end of the week - mainly my pictures.

Doing all that plus mailing a package, going to the bank, getting the oil changed, and buying groceries took all my middle-of-the day time, so now it's time to get back to work. It's funny how some days people seem nicer than others. Today everyone from the computer salesman to the oil change boy to the post office girl were extra nice. The Publix people are always friendly, and I appreciate that. I'm sure they didn't realize that their taking the time to make a joke or small talk would do so much to lift my spirits after all these days of keeping up with a sick dog and having computer problems - not to mention just having to get out in this January cold and wind.

Time now to settle in with robe, socks, and a cup of coffee for a bit of work before bedtime.


  1. those people are all on my payroll. no free lunch, mom. your daily requirement of "nice" from strangers is costing me all my student loans. thanks.

  2. You're so kind to me - generous to a fault. I paid your professors for years though. Why do you think I'm working?