Saturday, January 10, 2009

Plans versus Reality

Today was supposed to go like this:
Leave early for Columbus, meet Barbara, and visit as many fabric and quilt stores as we had money and energy for and then eat lunch.
Let Emily sleep late and meet her in the early afternoon to exchange cars and do a little shopping,
Be home by 5:00 to work.

7 a.m. - Found that Darby had thrown up - a lot - with some blood in it.

8 a.m. - Visited the vet again who did x-rays and examined her and couldn't find anything serious. Maybe something to do with the trauma and/or one of the medications causing an ulcer. Much poorer, I called Barbara and cancelled out on the morning plans and took Darby home and gave her the first of her 4 NEW medications - in addition to the 4 from earlier in the week. Luckily if you stick a pill in a spoon of food, she'll gulp it right down.

10:00 - Nice young vet suggested I might want to put her on a bland diet - cook her some rice and chicken. I refrained from telling him I didn't feed Mama and myself that well. So I opened a can of chicken and rice soup, and she ate it all, including the carrots and the 2 pills floating around in it.

11:00 Left for Columbus and met Emily at the mall. Cell phone conversation on the way:

E: I'm in Columbus.
B: Okay. Let me think of the best way for you to get to the mall. Why don't you get on 80/22 - that's a left turn onto this nice 4-lane that I'm on now. Then turn right on 27 and go about 4 exits, and you'll see the mall.
E: Umm. Mom, I'm pulling into the mall now.
B. Well, then. I'm glad I could help.

12:30 to 2:30 - Followed the master shopper who has a nose for the 70% off racks. Lots of looking and trying on - very little buying but much fun. Sitting in chairs outside dressing rooms with the bored husbands. Getting disgusted in Abercrombie with the wall of perfume - not to mention the prices and the MUSIC. I'm officially old. Sitting on the little bench in Hibbett's listening to Emily and the sales guy talk marathons and neutral shoes and arches and hoping someone would come along and try on some of those men's shoes hanging on the wall. I just wanted to see if humans actually wear things like that. And the women's running shoes! Way fancier than they need to be, I think. I was told they were covered with mesh, not crocheting, but it looked very similar. I believe Emily may have whispered to the sales guy that she was adopted.

2:30 - On to Target for Em to get shirts for work - $2.50 ones in the boy's section - and clothes hangers.

My poor feet.

4:30 Driving home in the dark and rain eating Target popcorn.

6:00 to 9:00 Work

Not such a bad day after all. I enjoyed seeing Emily and talking to most of the other family members on the ride over. Darby seems better. Barbara and I can meet another time - and I saved us a little money (maybe a lot). And it's raining just the way I like it at bedtime.


  1. you didn't mention the Abercrombie sales clerk!
    boy: "do you want to try our new A&F fragrance?"
    me: "is it what's floating around in the air and now in my mouth?"
    boy: "No! That's FIERCE!"
    me: "yes. it is."

  2. Ha. Probably because I COULDN'T HEAR YA'LL!!