Thursday, January 8, 2009

I KNEW all that

I begged help from my future son-in-law to tell me what I should be looking for in a new computer, and he took a great deal of time and sent me a very detailed e-mail - one paragraph of which reads:

at least Core 2 Duo Processor 2+ GHz, greater than 1000 front-side bus, greater than 2MB L2 cache-at least 2MB DDR2 SDRAM, Dual Channel, Paired-at least 320GB SATA HDD 7,200rpm (ask if they can make an 80GB primary partition.. that way, we can keep your media separate from you operating system.)- DVD+-RW, at least 16X- DVD rom, at least 16x (for easily making back up copies of DVDs and CDs [this should be very cheap])- plenty of USB ports

This will be so much fun.

I imagine my downtown computer guys are expecting me to tell them that I want a new computer, a pretty one that won't catch on fire or give me mean blue screens. I'm absolutely going to memorize these things, and when we start figuring out what I want, I'm going to be able to spout off words like Dual Channel, Paired, and Primary Partition and Cache. No longer will I not be able to tell them whether my router connects a rectangular plug or a round one, but I'll be abe to ask for PLENTY of USB ports (although what I'll do with them, I don't yet know).

Of course, Ryan was a little ambitious in his suggestions, not realizing that I was in my 40s before I ever touched a computer. He suggested a wireless keyboard and mouse and a docking station if I want to have a laptop to carry all those places I go. I waste enough time on the computer without having it tempting me all over the house. I will upgrade my monitor though, as big as I can afford.

So it may not happen this week, but I'm well on my way to being officially on line again - not playing on my work computer.

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